Steampunk flintlock pistol

Picture of Steampunk flintlock pistol
Verry easy project...

Just find a toy gun like this and, add some stuff you like on it.
This reminds me of the Hand cannon from Bioshock Infinite. Very cool!
This looks a bit like the Wunderwaffe DG-2 for COD, what with the tubes on the side. Were you inspired by that gun?
Evinfire (author)  Clever_Alchemist1 year ago
Hello Clever Alchemist, thanx for subscribing :)

My inspiration comes from the Bioshock series but I looked
for that Wunderwaffe on Google and, it's a bit the same steampunk
style, yes.

Greetings, Evinfire.
Cool. Now all you gotta do is make Plasmid to go with it or something.
Evinfire (author)  Clever_Alchemist1 year ago
That's not a bad idea, thanx for the tip C.A.
no prob.
Shaholl2 years ago
Looks neat enough, but I have one little niggle: this is a flintlock pistol, not a revolver. Other than that one little aside, very nice paint job.
Evinfire (author)  Shaholl2 years ago
Could'nt find the name of this guntype...thanx :)
not to be a... well, kill joy, but i would say that is pretty dang awesome, but when i saw that it was essentially just a re-painted toy my heart sank. it is an awesome and high quality steampunk paint job but things that really win over a lot of appreciation is more than that. for example, i got a revolver cap gun that was western themed, and i modded it to be more of a western .44 magnum with an antiqued paint job and tribal style ace of spades on the side of the handle. i got some good feedback from it by taking the cap gun and completely transforming it into an authentic .44. so i recommend adding on some copper piping on it and maybe some flexible tubing onto it too. also a pressure gauge somewhere on it can really make it look good and a classic steampunk look.
Evinfire (author)  GLaDOS V_3.112 years ago
Thanx for the comment,
And your not killing the joy :) I'm always open for better ideas.
The copper piping is a good idea, just as the gauge.
Thanx for the tip.
Do you have a picture of the .44 for me? Sounds pretty sweet!

Greethings, Evin.

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