The full title for this project is the "Sun-Powered Lithium Polymer 2600 Milliamp Hour Voltage Box," but that wouldn't fit in the title line;-)

This instructable will not show you how to build a solar charger device. I bought mine. But there are number of fine Instructables that will show you how to do this, so if that is your goal, keep looking.

This simple instructable will show you how to build a steampunk themed case for a very modern looking solar charger, and some techniques that can be used to build a steampunk case for any number of devices.

This case serves a number of purposes: The first is to store the solar/USB charger and all the accessories that come with. The second purpose is to serve as a stand to charge the device in the sun, reducing the risk of scratches or damage. And the third is to just look really cool;-)

I'm shocked, honored and amazed, but this was actually a GRAND PRIZE WINNER in the Cabot Woodcare contest!

• Solar charger
• Wooden box
• Brass corners
• Scrap leather
• Scrap aluminum
• Label (optional)

Supplies & tools:
• Stain & paint
• Power drill
• Rotary tool
• Pliers
• Utility knife

Step 1: Choose a Solar Charger

I bought my solar charger for about US$20 on eBay. There are many models to choose from, but I chose this one because it had good customer reviews, and suited my purpose of being able to charge my cellphone and my Steampunk iPod. It also has indicator lights to let you know the charge level, and can output at variety of voltages; from 4.5v to 9 volts. 

For my purposes, another thing that is key about this back-up battery and charger is that it has a standard USB attachment, and is capable of powering a USB lamp, of which I've made quite a few, including; my Dieselpunk USB Lamp, my Steampunk USB mini-lantern and my Steampunk incandescent USB lamp.

One draw back to this device is that it's a bit delicate, and scratches easily. This box comes in handy here, because you can leave the charger in the box, remove the lid, and place it in the sun to charge. (If it's a cloudy day, you can also charge this device through a USB cable connected to your computer).

So while its great to have this device as a back-up battery charger to charge my phone or iPod on the run, it will most likely spend more time sitting on my coffee table powering a homemade lamp;-)
<p>The details are everything here! The brass corners, the stain, the vintage fonts, and printing them on parchment paper: a perfect combination of ideas to give an excellent look. Good work! Thanks for including the font names by the way!</p>
Totally stealing this box! I thought about possibly making the lid of it almost like a miniature door instead of sliding it completely off. I'm not sure how to keep it closed though. Maybe a little latch or some magnets? Anyways, awesome job on the box.
It's not stealing if you give credit where credit is due;-) Hey, this little box scored me a $1,000 grill... Hope your's serves you that well;-) Good luck with the locking mechanism, and please do post a pic if you make one like this!
You are a true artist. <br>You could make a living from this kind of artwork! Amazing =) <br>Do you have any suggestions for a desk lamp? I have one that's horrible, standard white.. <br> <br>Congratulations again, it's an art piece.
Diegofenner - I posted a project earlier this month that you might find of interest... Maybe some ideas for your boring desk lamp?;-)<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-Plumbers-Luminaire/" rel="nofollow">Plumber's lace-curtain luminaire.</a>
Thank you! :)
Thank you for your kind words diegofenner!<br> <br> I'm sure there are plenty of thing you could do to spice up your boring desk lamp... If your looking for a steampunk flare, maybe some metallic copper spray paint and an <a href="http://1000bulbs.com/product/7623/IN-L2780.html?utm_source=SmartFeedGoogleBase&utm_medium=Shopping&utm_term=IN-L2780&utm_content=Antique+Light+Bulbs&utm_campaign=SmartFeedGoogleBaseShopping&gclid=CKPn1L663LICFQqk4AodeFAAbw" rel="nofollow">old-fashioned style Edison bulb</a>?;-)
Very very cool... <br>The label makes this project! I love it... <br> <br>Here is a trick you may or may not be aware of. If you printed the label with a laser printer, you could &quot;Iron&quot; the label directly onto the wood then finish it. <br>though, I think the actual label on your project &quot;adds&quot; to the appeal.
Not quite sure how well ironing would affix this label to wood. Also might end up burning the label! But so far the glue stick has done the trick. If it comes off, I may add a coat of polyurethane. Thanks for the suggestion!
I worded that in-correctly... I fyou printed the label out with a &quot;laser printer&quot; in &quot;mirrored&quot; format. The iron process transfers the toner from the paper to the wood and then poly over it... I should do an instructable on this. lol <br>
Ahhh, now I understand! That sounds like a really cool technique. You should certainly write up an Instructable, and I will keep this in mind for future projects. But for the purposes of this build, I think you're right that the physical parchment paper label really gives this device an authentic 19th century look and feel.
Congrats on the win. Great project.
Thanks ehudwill!
Great instructable! I love the label!
Thanks bricabrac - I put a lot of thought into the label... I think it really gives this build a touch of steampunk authenticity, while actually explaining what it does;-)
Oi Ricardo - Eu fiz isso em nossa casa na regi&atilde;o dos lagos;-)
Parabens pelo projeto!
nice man but i wold have mounted on the back so u could flip it over and charge it easier
Schmidty16 - Do you mean mount the solar charger on the bottom of the box, on the outside, or mount the USB port on the back face of the box, opposite the knob?
That wouldn't protect the delicate charger from scrapes and scratches, and kind of defeats the purpose of having a protective storage box! But I'd be happy to see a picture of yours if you decide to build one like this;-)
you could put pexi glass around it and im just making suggestions and i vent made one yet
Wow didn't believe it, but the direct translation from Google for the label of that puzzle is &quot;head breaks&quot; <br> <br>I don't know if I believe in Google translate anymore.
Just great job!!
Thanks Junophor! Means a lot coming from a master of the steampunk art;-)
Lovely build. :D <br /> <br />I always wanted the patience to put special finishes on things!
Thanks! If you've ever polished your nails, its not all that different from adding a coat of stain;-) Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I cheat and use nail polish on my projects instead of paint or stain;-)
Nice! <br>I must say I love the label, it's perfect! <br>Great job as always Winged Fist!
Thanks Electfire! Those typography classes I took in a previous lifetime really paid off;-)

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