Steampunk lavalamp

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Hi there,

i'm back with a new project and got the idea from some people here who tought my former project of the steampunk steampipe-lamp could me more interresting...
So here it is...a steampunk-steampipe lavalamp.
The basics are the same and, made for you this 'step by step' tutorial so you can easely try it yourself.

Have fun!

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Step 1: Steampunk Steampipe Lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk Steampipe Lavalamp
Step 1 is to find a lavalamp.
I had this lavalamp option but had no idea how it would look with a smaller topside then the lower part.
But i gave it a try..

Step 2: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 2 is to put the lot apart so you have the fitting, the kable, the glass and the aluminium parts.

Step 3: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 3 is quite important...

To be sure that the plastic steampipe won't 'melt' or get heathed, you have to use the part of aluminium that surounds
the lightbulb and built that inside the pipe's itself!

Step 4: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 4,

You can get this pipe-ing in any hardware store.
I've spraypainted it bronze, just like my other Steampipe light tube.

Step 5: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 5,
Is to cut out (in this case) wooden rings that you fit around the pipe-ing.
Get the ruff edged off...

Step 6: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 6,

Hot glue some bolts to the wooden rings...

Step 7: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 7,

Hot glue the pipe-ing to the wooden rings but test the lot together with the lavalamp attached so it will
be fitted good on the wall...(because the smaller pipe-ing is shorter then the big one) so, i've added a small
tube-pipe first to the smaller wooden ring...this to be sure that the lavalamp stands straight.

Step 8: Steampunk steampipe lavalamp

Picture of Steampunk steampipe lavalamp
Step 8,

Use the bigger pipe-ing (lower part) to add the fitting for the bulb.
First fit the aluminium part (see step 3) inside the pipe.
I used some bolts, nuts and hot glue for this.
IntaB8 months ago
rharlan9 months ago
Being a hippie who loves steam punk I think this is right up my ally. Thank you :)
Evinfire (author)  rharlan9 months ago
Thank you too :)
i'm making a steampunk film for middle school class this year, and this would be a fun addition to the other pieces of steampunk wonders im making. THANK YOU for your awesome instructions!
tgferreira18410 months ago
It would be a nice door knob, apart from the heat...
A brilliant idea!! Somewhere in my laboratory I still have such a lava lamp, hope I didn't trash it...
Great job!!!
Kinsei011 year ago
Ever since I saw the first lamp I have wanted to do this. But Since I'm more of a cyberpunk and scifi fan I want to do my inner tube as a blue and has some silver ends for it.
Now if I could just get all the materials together and about an afternoon of free time.
Evinfire (author)  Kinsei011 year ago
Sounds fun, let me know when you're finnished.
matthewbb162 years ago
when ever i get the time, I'm definitely going to attempt this..and i see your a fellow fan of Bioshock..."would you kindly" give me your lamps?
Evinfire (author)  matthewbb162 years ago
Yes i love the Bioshock series, great game and game-art!

"Keep on using your favourite plasmids"

Evinfire Industries :p
Lindie2 years ago
Very nice!
Evinfire (author)  Lindie2 years ago
Thanx Lindie :)
Winged Fist2 years ago
Great project Evinfire! Way to make a Lava Lamp even more trippy;-) And congrats on getting it featured;-)
Evinfire (author)  Winged Fist2 years ago
Thanx Winged Fist :)

Raptor1x2 years ago
What was the tool cost of this? It looks really cool and I want to make one for my room!
Evinfire (author)  Raptor1x2 years ago
Hello Raptor1x,

The lavalamp i bought for € 7,50-
The pipe-ing for € 6,-
Bronze spraypaint € 9,-
Wood i've had laying around, just like the bolts & nuts and
some small other parts.
Two hot-glue-sticks € 0,20-

So, it's about € 23,- and a look in your workshop.

It's quite cheap to do...

Have fun.
Harrymatic2 years ago
This is really great.
Evinfire (author)  Harrymatic2 years ago
poofrabbit2 years ago
Ooh this is fantastic, what a great twist on a lava lamp! I could also see this used in a haunted house for a mad scientist lab. Fantastic job!
Evinfire (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thanx :)
(removed by author or community request)
Evinfire (author)  DELETED_~Mad Hatter2 years ago
Thanx mate!
Raptor1x2 years ago
richms2 years ago
Oh wow, that does look good,

Wonder how it would go with the non-tapered lamps?

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