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Hi there,

I've got an new project and, it's an steampipe (tube) light in steampunk style.
It's made from a PVC drainage pipe wich i gave a bronze look and with MDF some rings attached.
And glued some big nuts on it.
For the light; a tubelight that you use for working under your car.
And a long glass vase wich i sprayed greenish-yellow from the inside and
mounted it on the wall were the cord goes through.
This is part of the bigger project of my steampunk hallway.

To be continued...
So cool! must have in house!!! we have 70s style chandelier. its made to look like turpentine or whatever they are lamps... steampunking it would be a large improvement
cart5622 years ago
I would use red paint. :)
Evinfire (author)  cart5621 year ago
Hi Cart,

Just repainteded the lamp in red...looks better this way. :)
katlinbr1 year ago
Great idea!
Evinfire (author)  katlinbr1 year ago
Thanx :)

tommyboy2 years ago
This is absolutely great! One possibility is to use one of those nightlights that have fluids in swirl tubes or bubbling fluids (yes, based on heat, but it's a 5w nighttlight). I'm gonna have to try this! Great instructable!

Evinfire (author)  tommyboy2 years ago
Hi, check my new Instructable, got a lavalamp version of this :)
HMice tommyboy2 years ago
A lava lamp?
i don't have any idea what you just said!
Evinfire (author)  tommyboy2 years ago
Thanx mate
Bobmonkey072 years ago
Is there any realistic way to put a small pump or something in there and have it look like there's something flowing through?
you could put liquid in and have air hoses attached to the bottom and put bubbles through it
Or, make it a real fishtank! That'd be fun.
That would be truly epic, having a little fish tank mounted to your wall like that, but how would you feed/clean/etc or whatever. (Or perhaps little details like that aren't that important anyway, since fish small enough to fit aren't really that expensive, anway)
Evinfire (author)  AJMansfield2 years ago
Well it's possible from the other side where the pipe-knee is fitted as it is a thin wooden wall...

The light cable comes from the other side of the trough there anyway so, if it's bigger the fish can go in just as the water.
Only have to build the light from below....and hope the fish won't cook :P
Well, you could make a little latch so you could remove the fishtank from the wall, or provide a feeding access hatch with cleaning fish ie snails. Or, have it be part of a bigger fishtank, with this pipe attached to the sides....
Evinfire (author)  willrandship2 years ago
LOL, that'll be the eyecatcher of the day!
Fun idea!
You could seal the pipes up so they can hold liquid, immerse the LEDs into the liquid in their own tubes (or use mineral oil or something similar that many electronics can stand, I am not an expert in immersive electronics by any measure though) and then have an aquarium air pump put bubbles into it. Just a thought off the top of my head, but I have bookmarked this thread for when I build my bar and will hepefully remember to post when I finally have the space to follow through!
Evinfire (author)  MightyMonty2 years ago
Not a bad idea, i'll keep it in mind. Thanx.
Gelatin is a good solution, figuratively and literally, I have had good luck using Prestone Antifreeze and gelatin, double strength, it produces a nice glow and will not leak.
The clear safety tubes that go around fluorescent lights make a great inner liner,
just place your light source inside it and pour the hot gelatin around the outside between the two tubes, let it set, no leaks no wet electronics.

The gel style hand cleaner also has some nice effects, it does require a better seal though.
I am going to make this using the old Lavalamp I have wasting away...
Evinfire (author)  Madrigorne2 years ago
Good to hear, can you post it to me when you're finnished?
Evinfire (author)  Bobmonkey072 years ago
For an reasonably priced way i quess only a lavalamp but yes,...that floats both ways (up and down)...
I'm thinking that you could use a double walled acrylic setup inside w/ a cap on the top half & a 99% closed on the bottom w/ a bubble system installed but that's just off the top of my head.
iFirefly2 years ago
Nice Concept!
The flanges may be purchased already made in any home store - several styles are available, from a 3" toilet flange to 1/2" - 4" floor flanges, all in PVC or cast iron. Using a PVC flange will save you lots of time.

Go to Lowes or Home Depot websites and do a search for "PVC, Flange" and you'll see the wide variety.
Evinfire (author)  iFirefly2 years ago
Just seen the pvc flanges, lots of different types and reasonably priced too.
Thanx for the tip!

If you could somehow do that with a lava lamp in it that could be cool, minus the heat from the lamp though. Possibly put it in a sleeve of some sort.
I see no reason to NOT use lavalamps!
straight(ish) sided lava lamps work SO.....

Use REAL metal fittings(for heat resistance in the base, and extra heat dissipation for the top) and a thin straight walled bottle. The local winery makes rhubarb wine packaged in tall, skinny wine bottles. Wine bottles will handle the heat, where beer, or some others may not. Or, if it's REALLY a worry, go for a surplus Pyrex beaker! :-)

Disembowel a portion of your sacrificial lava lamp liquid and wax. and don't forget to add a metallic wire coil to the bottom (wikipedia says it helps re-join the wax blobs when the hit the bottom). Add the bulb/socket to the base, and you 're golden!

Since actual copper pipe in that size(have to fit a large enough bulb in there) might be impossible to find, you can go for a cast iron drain pipe elbow instead. and if it's not "shiny" enough for you, copper plate it! :-) (
Evinfire (author)  ironsmiter2 years ago
I'm working on it at the moment and, got a lavalamp but there isn't
anny with straight wall so, i've got the option to make the pipe-ing
at the top smaller and on the bottom bigger.
I'll just have a go on it and see how i end up :)

cool! :-)

A Lavalight reducing valve!

Can't wait to se it.
A lavalamp would look really good, I found this site with various formula for DIY lava lamp mixtures.

Not tried any yet but may have a go soon.
Evinfire (author)  aeroengineer42 years ago
Some more people replyed by trying a lavalamp and, i bought one.
I'm working it out...
Thanx for the tip!
Damn.. I thought this was a lava lamp at first. yeh.. would be cooler as a lava lamp.
slwthr2 years ago
pretty nice!
Evinfire (author)  slwthr2 years ago
Thanx mate
GummiBear2 years ago
That could make a good door handle... you might just have to reinforce it some
Evinfire (author)  GummiBear2 years ago
Well, it has 5mm thick glass so it's already reinforced.
making one and putting it in my room
Evinfire (author)  mattthomas9920032 years ago
Cool :) How's it going with the project?
adamythos2 years ago

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