Steampunk Style Droid Case.


Introduction: Steampunk Style Droid Case.

About: A photographer interested in genre, steampunk.

I modded a phone cover for my Droid.  I roughed it up and added some flair with a antique gold liquid pen along with some geares and a light bulb.  



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    oh you used industrial chic and one other brand, its funny the makers of those live here in florida

    The front looks cool. at the back, a brass plate would look better for the tribals. small screw heads instead of the gold points.

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    I considered a brass plate for the back, but my knowledge in cutting metal isn't really that great. Plus I ran out of time.

    No intractable. All I did was get some embellishments for a case that fitted my droid phone. I used gorilla glue to hold them on. Used sand paper to rough up the case, and a liquid gold marker to draw on it.

    I was considering that for my laptop too, but still trying to find a black matte hard case for mine. Post Pics when your's is done, I'd love to see it ^__^