Steampunk Tank Gun Copper and Brass With Patina


Introduction: Steampunk Tank Gun Copper and Brass With Patina

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This is a simple instruction on how to turn a super soaker(ish) squirtgun into a cool zeppelin like gun made of brass and copper with patina.

Step 1: Buy the Plastic Gun

buy a cheap probably used plastic squirtgun
and brass and copper spraypaint, and some craft paint to make copper-green.

Step 2: Disassemble the Gun Completely

you will need one of those tiny thin screwdrivers that are used for electronics since the screws will be in thin slots

In this case, i removed the tubing and the pump action handle since it was broken anyway.

Step 3: Spraypaint the Parts Different Colours

once the parts are taken apart, spray paint them with the least amount of paint you can, and hang the tank parts by string from a clothesline or branch or something to dry, lay the flat parts on a box or newspaper.

Step 4: Reassemble the Gun and Smoosh Green Paint in the Corners

Once the gun has dried for an hour or so, the patina is just smudged green craft paint in the corners while fairly wet, rubbing the exposed areas with your fingers to clean it off. spritz various areas by running fingers through the brush to make spots. Anywhere there is a corner put in some patina.

Step 5: Different Views

you can decorate it then as you want. but that is personal taste.



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    Is "smoosh" a technical term? You lost me on that one. XD

    Nicely done! Don't let the trolls get you down. Their jealousy at your creativity will be their undoing.

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    smoosh means to jam the paint brush into the nooks and crannies one hit at a time rather than glide it around, so you leave dot like brush marks rather than lines.

    How do you add the second "zeppelin" thingy? I might get one but I don't see how the second one was added... Could you please clarify? Thank you! :)

    a light sanding helps, nothing to deep causing grooves, more just taking the shine off

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    Scuffing with a scrubbing pad might do the trick also. Just to take the "shine" off of the plastic.

    was the paint

    I didn't know what steampunk was until I started seeing your outfits and props. It reminds me of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I love for all the cool stuff, and I want to start making this stuff myself. Thanks for the cool instructables. I would give you a patch if I had any to give :)

    Omg what a cool idea! when i read this i ran outside and got one of my old super soakers from the garage, i'm totally gonna make this when the weather clears up!

    Definitely slideshow material because there's not enough information to build it. It also, as stated before, looks like a painted water gun. A pressure gauge would make it more likely to stand out and scream "Steampunk Water Gun!" than paint alone.

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    I second that statement!

    I can't believe how petty people on this site are. try posting some instructables on your own maybe??

    Oh, its just a squirt gun..oooh aww who cares?

    right, so when i tell you it was a test for this:

    then you get all excited, but yet the jetpack is an identical process.

    god forbid i would have taken my picture with some of my chest showing.

    there are people with imaginations and people who take pictures of other people's work. which are you?

    Did you use the same method/materials for 'brassing' the main jetpack console as you did the super soaker's brassed bits? 

    They look quite different. The Jetpack is very impressive, as far as making a brass lookalike goes. Though in the soaker photos I can't shake off the feeling that it looks just like painted plastic in the brass areas. Like it's dull and doesn't really pop like I expect metal to do, even when patinad.

    Just wondering if that's an unfortunate lighting issue or if you had changed methods.

    I have posted instructables, and Ive got 2 others also that I am working on it. when I saw this "Steampunk" gun It simply didnt look like it was steampunk all I could see were 3 tanks glued onto a watergun with some bronze spraypaint.

    This wasn't made and glued together. If my childhood memories serves me right, the gun is an old Super Soaker 200. I remember it being quite heavy when filled with nearly a gallon of water.

    Actually, I have posted some of my own. And have 2 others in the works. And I have my own imagination. Now, you could have stated it was a test system to make your jetpack. Then I would have been less critical.

    I lol'd, really hard. thank you sir.

    Good lord, that is a fantastic result! Well done. Four stars.

    I had this EXACT squirt fun when I was a kid. Used it as a bath toy. Wouldn't have guessed that they're still making them.