Introduction: Steampunk'd Goggles

Picture of Steampunk'd Goggles

The finished goggles!

Step 1: Black Cybergoth Goggles for the Punkin'

Picture of Black Cybergoth Goggles for the Punkin'

I had these black plastic goggles I wanted to punk. These can be purchased for < 10.00 GBP.

Step 2: Materials

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Selection of small headed brushes.

Some acrylic craft paint in a suitable metallic - I went with a bronze which I got from Hobbycraft for 2.50 GBP, there's plenty of paint leftover for further projects, but this was the smallest pack size I could find.

Optional: lizard lenses. I bought these cheap costume glasses from DiscountUK around Halloween (I think they were around the 1.00 GBP mark), simply because I wanted to use the lenses in something one day!

Total additional investment: 3.50 GBP

Step 3: Break Apart for Painting

Picture of Break Apart for Painting

I unscrewed the lenses and painted the component parts separately, 2 thin coats give a better finish than trying to put too much paint on at once in one pass.

Leave paint to dry between coats. 2 coats of paint should suffice.

Step 4: Re-assembly

Picture of Re-assembly

When dry, re-assemble your goggles, swapping out lenses as appropriate for your project.


PicoPixie (author)2015-02-12

Googling gives me 1.54 USD (US Dollar) == 1.00 GBP (Great British Pound)

HopeThatHelps :)

JinxieChick (author)2015-02-10

can you tell me how "GBP" converts to American money? I really want to make these.

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