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Introduction: Steampunked Heart-Beat-Box

Hello everybody

I never expected such an enormous interest of my work. But I must say I like it.  This success is an big motivation to me and so I want to show you anohter funny steampunk object. where I used one of my own instructables;-)))

As a mad steampunk scientist I took such a steampunk-light- tube enlighted it with two blue LED and placed it in an funky glasses-case. In the top I put an switch and a small electronic in, which slowly glows and dim the light like an heartbeat. As a real steampunker I named it : "Heart of godess Elektra". In the following steps I´ll show you how I dit it.

You can get a small impression of this fantastic light below. It really looks like an pulsating heartbeat!!

Step 1: How to Build the Light-tube: First Step

As you already might have seen in my other instructable "construction of a steampunk light tube", I use such a tube in this instructable too. Let´s remember the steps, that´s why I show them here again;
First  you can see the tube in the heart beat box and then the tube with the holder for its own. Then you can take a glance of the backside of the heart beat box with the brass screws and then you see the details of making the light tube. 

Step 2: How to Build the Light-tube: Second Step

Here  the details for the light tube itself can be seen again.

Step 3: How to Build the Light-tube: Third Step

The steampunked tube made of brass sockets, copper rings, some screws, washers, spark plugs made of brass and an acrylic tube.

Step 4: The Electronic in the Heart Beat Box

Now let´s take  a look inside the Heart-Beat-Box:

In former times the box made of alumine protected a pair of glasses and now it hides the heart of goddess Elektra!
In one half there is the ligth tube with two blue LEDs.
In the other half I put the 9-Volts battery the switch and the electronic behind a blind covered with black velvet.
The electronic and the blue LEDs itself were  taken from an advertising map of a drugstore after the campaign. The original  light was pulsating in the same way it does now and brought me to this idea.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and I wish you all the best with your fantastic ideas
Yours Aeon Junophor



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    Hi andea biffi

    You´re welcome!!

    This is indeed one of my most beloved constructions;-)))


    Yours Aeon Junophor

    Very nice :)

    If you could work out a way for the light to be triggered by the box opening rather than from the switch - t would look like it was on all the time, beating away to it's self.

    That probably would be pretty easy with a push button switch. Much like the kind you have for a car door or a refrigerator.

    Nice work, I'm definitely going to have a play with this idea, a couple of use's come to mind -

    - with the right pulse (beat) length it's a handy meditation aid

    - with a dial control circuit added in to vary the "beat" you've got yourself a handy visual steampunk metronome for muso's - add in a sound circuit in time with the beat, hey presto full compact audio/visual metronome for musician's ( steampunk ones of course ).

    If I'd been smart enough to come up with this idea in the first place I probably would have used a concealed micro switch rather than the toggle switch to operate it. Just to give it a bit of that "fridge light" feeling that kids alway's get trying to find out if the lights still working when the door is closed. Also might give it more of a mystic feel.

    Good stuff, I'm off to find a suitable case right now, might even try to adapt one of my harmonica cases!

    nice...those without an oakley sunglasses case could use this idea

    had an interesting idea to make a steampunk light, but as a necklace pendant instead of a wall mount...

    Does someone know where i can find a schematic for the electrical circuit?

    Many thanks

    I am doing some stained glass for a steampunk computer monitor, while I was laying out the glass work I put some anti-freeze and gelatine in the glass tube, so I don't have to worry about leaks and seals, these are the pics.

    The glow is more even in real life the camera makes an unnatural bright spot.

    It actually looks good just using white light.

    test tube 002.JPGtest tube 004.JPG

    Did you fill the tube? There was a project I think in the Phillipines or other tropical nation using plastic water bottles that they filled with liquid and put in the ceiling as sky lighting during the day time. I thought that was a great idea but in my climate the water would freeze so antifreeze and gelatin might be a good substitute.