Introduction: Steampunked Lightning Detector"Jupiter"

Picture of Steampunked Lightning Detector"Jupiter"

Hi everybody!

This is my latest instructable named the Steampunked lightning detector "Jupiter"*

*Jupiter was a flash throwing god of the ancient romans

A thunderstorm with lightnings an deep rolling thunder is always thrilling to mankind. So it is very good to be informed in time when such a weather-situation rises up. This information is also very important for a safe ride of a vioctorian airship pilot. That´s why I built this object in a steampunked style.

I used a special electronic kit from franzis which is very easy to build up and it works very well. Iam sorry to say so that this kit isn´t yet available in U.S. but I proposed to do it.

But if you like to order this kit you can also find here a lot of information about it. Although the explanations are written in german you can follow the pictures and built up the kit successfully.

Just before I started writing this instructable a small thunderstorm crossed my home area and so I can show you the official warnings from the forecast and as well the lightning detector "in action".

I write this instrutable in my special steampunk style as another Steampunk creators diary and ad some pictures too for placing comments.

Hope you enjoy this reading and have fun with it and maybe you like to build your own lightning detector.

Yours Aeon Junophor

Step 1: Preparing the Case of an Old Telephone

Picture of Preparing the Case of an Old Telephone

From ebay you can get old telephones made of bakelite and cycle them up with your steampunk ideas. Toothpaste works best to polish dull bakelite, and the old fashioned style of this telephone cases will surley inspire you to create a lot of victorian technique objects too.

Step 2: Soldering and Wiring

Picture of Soldering and Wiring

As you can see only some parts have to be soldered to the pcb. If you want to use most of the additional options of this kit only some wires and some switches have to be added.

Step 3: Creating the Signal Top Light

Picture of Creating the Signal Top Light

After soldering and connecting the electronic parts inside the case the signal top light has to be built.

Step 4: Testing and Working

Picture of Testing and Working

As I told you at the beginning of this writing a little thunderstorm came up and I took some photos to show how the detector works and took also some snapshots from the sreen of my PC to documentate the official warnings.

So you can see it works very well.

At the end of this instructable I am proud to announce you a second object in this particular style. The steampunked bat-detector will coming soon. By the way this kit is already available in the U.S.

Hope you enjoyed my explanations

Yours Aeon Junophor


maximzodal (author)2017-12-09

Love this project. Very imaginative. Have you made any progress making the kit available in the US?

Junophor (author)maximzodal2017-12-10

Hi maximzodal

Thanks for your nice comment!

I´m sorry to say so that I haven´t heard any news about the availability yet but I promise to contact the producer coming next monday . If there is a positive answer or adress where you can order this kit in US, I´ll write it here as soon as possible

Yours Aeon Junophor

JohnD316 (author)2016-09-19

Very, very well done. I love it. Looked at some of your other projects and they all look terrific. Wish I had them all. Wish I had the ability to build all of them.

Eric Brouwer (author)2016-06-16

The old meter really makes this project. Well done.

Junophor (author)Eric Brouwer2016-06-16

Hi Eric Brouwer!

I absolutely agree with you ;-))

When I realized that this A-meter fits perfect into the dialer-hole I was very happy because it looked like as if the former telephone case had just made only for it...

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