Steampunked Mechanicle Pencil!!!


Introduction: Steampunked Mechanicle Pencil!!!

I just loved cowscankill's steampunked mechanical pencil so i made my own!
It took me ALL DAY and i cut myself several times making it =(
If you want instructions just ask and ill do it!



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    The name of the site is Instructables so you may want to assume instructions are already needed without people asking. cool pencil

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    But making instructions if nobody wants them is a pure waste of my time, but even if only one person wants an 'ible i will make it because i know somebody appreciates it.

    Your pictures are blurry. Stick to Facebook if you want to post blurry pictures of something that means allot to you.

    Make some instructions on how to make it.

    i like the clip. nice touch. great idea

    I love the swirly thing! The clippy thing is a little big, but when I make one I can file it down to my own preference. Very nice work!

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    the clip isnt as big as it looks, the way i bent it and the ang;e of the pics make it look like 2x bigger, i decided not to use macro mode on my camera for some reason too....

    It took me a long time to find out that I had a macro mode on my camera. I still don't get why it looks like a flower.

    yea i dont really get that either, mabye its bc flowers are small? ill have to research that sometime...

    Sweeeet. So it's like a Bic MECHANICAL pencil in copper tubing?

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    No, its a papermate. I used it bc the "guts" all come out in one piece. The tube, clicky thing an junk come all out leaving just a barrel and the cap, Its MUCH easier that way. heres a pic of the ones i used in case you have one:

    Nice work! i would love to see some instructions, as well as some clearer final shots.

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    You never asked me for instructions xD I just checked the slideshow.

    Thank You! Im not completely finished, but i shall add more too it someday soon...and sorry for the bad pictures, my camera is fairly old. I will eventually get around to the instructions, but it is more or less a gutted pencil shoved into some copper piping, then i just added a few bits on the outside.