Hi everybody

It has been a very long time since I wrote my last instructable. I had a lot  to do with family affairs.
But now a new project is ready to be presented here. It is called the

This funny looking story teller  is  very easy  and quickly to do.

This very old book  was printed in 1901 and laid in a wastepaper container of a paper mill.  I took this book and within a second the idea to create a steampunk-styled ancient story teller  was born. I thought it should look  like a book from the secret-library of captain Nemo at his famous submarine Nautilus.

The title of the book says that its content is about elementary  aspects of  mechanics  and this fits perfectlyl into the world of neo victorian steampunk inventers.

So if you like, follow me through this instructable and have fun with it.
Yours Aeon Junophor


Step 1: Prepare the Book

To prepare the book you have to cut out parts of the pages. First start with cutting a frame made of plywood. Open the book and fix this frame with two srewclamps. Then you can cut out the pages carefully with a very sharp knife. (Take care of your fingers while working with shrap instruments.) Cut out only some pages in one step, take them out and cut the next pages again. When this work is finished,  you have to glue the inner parts of the page-frame  left with wood glue. Take a small paint brush for this work and take care that the glue is all over the inner frame so it can hold all pages together. When the glue is hard cured you can take away the clamps and the plywood frame. Now the book is ready for the next step.

To keep the book at the end of this project closed I took four brass made screws M4 and  drilled four  4mm holes through. The cap nuts at the front page protect the new push buttons  if you lay down the talking book  at this side.
<p>I love this instructable thank you so much</p>
Make it do when u open the book it talks
<p>Great idea. I made a simplified version myself - given my lack of electronic ability. I glued and chopped an old sherlock holmes book to fit an mp3 player, portable speaker and earbuds (in case I don't want to take the whole book). I tend to have it loaded with audio dramas and refer to it as my audiobook. :)</p>
Junophor - Good to see you're back my friend!;-) My last 'ible, &quot;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Look-what-I-made-/" rel="nofollow">Look what I made</a>...&quot; has been keeping me busy, but I hope to be back sharing some new projects soon.<br> <br> This is a great idea, and as always, beautifully executed. It has made it on to my very long &quot;too do&quot; list;-)<br> <br> And I'm sure you have your own versions in German, but for those who prefer an English translation, here's a link to a few <a href="http://www.classicly.com/jules-verne-audiobooks" rel="nofollow">Jules Verne audiobooks</a>&nbsp;which would certainly compliment this talking book.
I love this idea. I'd like to install an mp3 player and play audiobooks
Great work my friend! Your creations looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
pretty cool juniphor I like the book you chose
What does your book actually say?
Hi kiteman <br> <br>Actually this book tells me stories from Jules Verne and also some music <br>Yours Aeon Junophor
Looks great my friend I love the simple format it looks like it was made a 100 years ago I have never down loaded an audio book on a USB stick, I assume one or more books will fit? Really great to see a new project from you.
Hi longwinters <br>Thanks for your comment. <br>To an 2GB USB stick or an SD-card with 2GB you can put very much music titles on, or three to four maybe five audiobooks, it depends oft the length. So you can listen quite a long time to the stories of this steampunked talking book. It is good for long winter times;-)) <br> <br>Greetings from your european buddy <br>Aeon Junophor
vulanized fiber wat is this stuff, why no link to a instructable on how its made?
All good things are three <br> <br>I am sorry that the talking book hats a german tiltle but at the introduction I have already translated the title to help you <br>Yours Aeon Junophor
Hi astral_mage<br> <br> it is me again and here is a link for you about <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcanized_fibre" rel="nofollow">vulcanized fibre</a>.<br> <br> If you like to rea my other instructables you&acute;ll find a lot of information about this great stuff.<br> Yours Aeon Junophor
german i cant read, german!!!!!!
why would u destroy that book . u could check it out first I.E. to c if was worth money first?
elemantary ==== elemEntary ;) Good 'ible though!

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