Steampunked Mp3-player "Junophon"





Introduction: Steampunked Mp3-player "Junophon"

Hi everybody
This Steampunked-mp3-player "Junophon" is my latest instructables project which I´d like to present to you. And it is the first project where I "upcycled " lots of parts of a former projcet of mine too.

Everything started with an new small window frame which was thrown to the firewood at a carpenters manufactory. Only some parts had´nt been good enaugh so it seemed to be the and of this work. But I pickes it up and started to create a project.

The idea of a portable stylish steampunked mp3-player came to my mind but after a while I had to realize, that the first chosen parts really doesn´t fit togehter. So this frame was "thrown away" for a second time. No, no, no! Not really thrown away. I´ve just put the parts aside for some months. But some day ago I found an old and very stylish Ampere-meter and this project was relaunched.

Important: The needle of the ampere-meter is exactly dancing with the rythm of the played music. The movie doesn´t show this detail, I am really sorry about it. Try it by yourself and enjoy it;-)))

And I now want to present this project for a second time as a creators diary

Step 1: The Old Body Gets a New Face

First I took my hole saw and began with the adaption works. Half an hour later the new holes had been made and the A-meter and the speaker as well can be placed.

Step 2: Red Fibre,copper-net and Resin Are the Ingredients to the New Look

It was really fantastic to see that all before drilled holes of the front plate can be used again in a new way.

Step 3: Wood Works

As I already explained, the body had been created as a very small window frame made of massive mahogany.

So I just had to add a backside of massive mahogany too to get a soundboard for the speaker.

Step 4: Electronic Equipment

As you can see I used a mp3 sound module which is very easy to build in. (See also my instructable steampunked talking book) It costs only about 9.50 Euros and produces a very good sound indeed.

Step 5: One Detail at the End

All brass made screws are now at their places the sound check had been done successfully but one detail is still missing: A brass made cover for the main switch. Here you can see my solution. An this is the end of my first "self-upcycling project"

I hope you enjoyed my instructable.

Yours Aeon Junophor



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    Beautiful work as usual and of course you have my vote!

    I'm really impressed by both your vision and execution. Well done!

    Hi LoneGinger

    Thanks;-))) You see I love woodworking too. Please vote for me if you like;-)))

    Greets Aeon Junophor

    You didn't even have to ask for the votes, I already did. Good luck my friend.

    Aeon this is cool!

    Nice idea connecting one channel to the ampere meter! My only concern is that now you loose the other channel sound. But I suppose you can modify the songs in the usb memory so that channels are exactly the same.

    Hi andrea biffi

    You are right, I modified the songs to mono. But this construction also works when the ampere-meter is connected with the scond speaker. Well I chose this way as a steam-"punk" version which means to me to walk new paths;-))

    Greetings from northern europe;-))

    Aeon Junophor

    Good to see you back, outstanding as usual.
    You make me feel quite lazy in that I have not posted at least 5 projects of late.
    Of course now I have to steampunk my Bluetooth player box and try like hell to be half as good.

    Hi longwinters, dear friend

    Don´t worry it is nearly the same with me but I´ve only three already done projects left waiting for being posted and some more which are still growing;-)))))

    I´m sure that your Bluetooth player box will hit the point too;-))))

    I wish you all the best and a merry X-mas

    Yours Aeon Junophor