Hi everybody
This Steampunked-mp3-player "Junophon" is my latest instructables project which I´d like to present to you. And it is the first project where I "upcycled " lots of parts of a former projcet of mine too.

Everything started with an new small window frame which was thrown to the firewood at a carpenters manufactory. Only some parts had´nt been good enaugh so it seemed to be the and of this work. But I pickes it up and started to create a project.

The idea of a portable stylish steampunked mp3-player came to my mind but after a while I had to realize, that the first chosen parts really doesn´t fit togehter. So this frame was "thrown away" for a second time. No, no, no! Not really thrown away. I´ve just put the parts aside for some months. But some day ago I found an old and very stylish Ampere-meter and this project was relaunched.

Important: The needle of the ampere-meter is exactly dancing with the rythm of the played music. The movie doesn´t show this detail, I am really sorry about it. Try it by yourself and enjoy it;-)))

And I now want to present this project for a second time as a creators diary

Step 1: The Old Body Gets a New Face

First I took my hole saw and began with the adaption works. Half an hour later the new holes had been made and the A-meter and the speaker as well can be placed.

Step 2: Red Fibre,copper-net and Resin Are the Ingredients to the New Look

It was really fantastic to see that all before drilled holes of the front plate can be used again in a new way.

Step 3: Wood Works

As I already explained, the body had been created as a very small window frame made of massive mahogany.

So I just had to add a backside of massive mahogany too to get a soundboard for the speaker.

Step 4: Electronic Equipment

As you can see I used a mp3 sound module which is very easy to build in. (See also my instructable steampunked talking book) It costs only about 9.50 Euros and produces a very good sound indeed.

Step 5: One Detail at the End

All brass made screws are now at their places the sound check had been done successfully but one detail is still missing: A brass made cover for the main switch. Here you can see my solution. An this is the end of my first "self-upcycling project"

I hope you enjoyed my instructable.

Yours Aeon Junophor

<p>Beautiful work as usual and of course you have my vote!</p>
<p>I'm really impressed by both your vision and execution. Well done!</p>
<p>Hi LoneGinger</p><p>Thanks;-))) You see I love woodworking too. Please vote for me if you like;-)))</p><p>Greets Aeon Junophor</p>
You didn't even have to ask for the votes, I already did. Good luck my friend.
<p>Very cool, well done!</p>
<p>Aeon this is cool!</p><p>Nice idea connecting one channel to the ampere meter! My only concern is that now you loose the other channel sound. But I suppose you can modify the songs in the usb memory so that channels are exactly the same.</p>
<p>Hi andrea biffi</p><p>You are right, I modified the songs to mono. But this construction also works when the ampere-meter is connected with the scond speaker. Well I chose this way as a steam-&quot;punk&quot; version which means to me to walk new paths;-)) </p><p>Greetings from northern europe;-)) </p><p>Aeon Junophor</p>
Good to see you back, outstanding as usual.<br>You make me feel quite lazy in that I have not posted at least 5 projects of late.<br>Of course now I have to steampunk my Bluetooth player box and try like hell to be half as good.
<p>Hi longwinters, dear friend</p><p>Don&acute;t worry it is nearly the same with me but I&acute;ve only three already done projects left waiting for being posted and some more which are still growing;-))))) </p><p>I&acute;m sure that your Bluetooth player box will hit the point too;-))))</p><p>I wish you all the best and a merry X-mas</p><p>Yours Aeon Junophor</p>
<p>great work I really like vintage style diary ,</p><p>the VU meter ads a great touch well I know what I'm doing with my Mp3 player :-)</p>
<p>tech savvy</p><p>Believe me this &quot;VU-meter-light version&quot; is so fascinating..... it is nearly magic especially to steampunks;-))))) and this was my aim as a maker!</p>
<p>So cool! And I love the diary style presentation of your work. Very nicely done!</p>
<p>Hi seamster</p><p>Great that you like this presentation style. I think I&acute;ll continue in that way;-)))</p>

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