Picture of Steampunked nixie-tube-switch
Hi everybody

I promised you to show in this instructable my next astonishing steampunk aparatus. It is called: "Steampunked Nixie-tube-switch"

or in german: "Junhophor-Plasma-Kraftstärkeregler".

My first instructable is an steampunk Plasma-converter. This object needs a switch-component and an telegraphing machine to send the created plasma beams around the world. So here ist comes

The switch:
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Step 1: Starting with the nixie-tube

Step 2: The electrical circuit

Picture of The electrical circuit
On a data sheet for this nixie-tube I found this simple circuit and I decided to build exactly this circuit.
So you can switch for your own to the different numbers of the tube and watch it.

Step 3: Here comes the steampunk design

Picture of Here comes the steampunk design
I took another brass fire hose valve as you already know it from my plasma-converter project and followed this design.

Ont the top you see the 10-step switch and in front there shines the Nixie-tube. The small screws on top only shows the position of the switch. The bigger ones stop  the crank.
Look at the pictures and follow the steps

Step 4: Inside the valve and bottom

Picture of Inside the valve and bottom
As you know the nixie tube, as a special form of neon gas filled plasma bulb, only works with hogh voltage but low current.
I generate this HV with an electronic  from an flash of an disposal camera. In my other plasma projects I used the same modified electronic so I don´t want to repeat this step here again:-))