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Hey guys ITS FINALLY DONE, after a month of hard work here it is.
Song : Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) by: Foster The People

Merry Christmas!!! 


MisterBukweet (author)2013-06-16

I told my mom that K'nex was a Science toy.. and this machine proves it.... nice work...

jmiester (author)2011-12-29

Nice job!  :-)
I need more chain links to build something that tall... ?_?

KneXtreme (author)2011-12-24

Nicely done man! Great job :) If you want you can enter it in the toy contest.

Sorunome (author)2011-12-24

Vid is not available in germany :/

Zeethesquirrel (author)Sorunome2011-12-24

Actually I can't its the song I'm using it has restrictions.

Sorunome (author)Zeethesquirrel2011-12-24

yeah, i know, it really sucks that germany has stricter copyrites... :(

Zeethesquirrel (author)Sorunome2011-12-24

Oh sorry I can try to change it ok???

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