Steel Bracelet





Introduction: Steel Bracelet


Tie wire
Two nuts

Step 1: Get Your Wire

Cut two pieces of wire about 15” long.

Hold the ends of the wire with pliers and rake them, one at a time, over a metal rod.

I used my hammer while stepping on it. This helps to straiten the wire out for the next step.


Step 2: Twist

Fold the wires in half. Anchor the looped ends. Again, I used my hammer while stepping on it.

Arrange the wires so they are free of any tangles and clamp them in the jaws of locking pliers.
Twist the wires until you have your desired amount of twists in it.

Cut the looped end open and remove it from the anchor.

Step 3: Hammer

Use a smooth faced hammer on a smooth surface to hammer the wires flat.

Try your best to hammer the wire squarely. If the wire starts to wander away from being strait, lightly hammer the bracelet on edge to straiten it back out.

Keep on hammering until the bracelet is a uniform with.

Step 4: Solder

If you don’t have means to solder you can files the ends of the bracelet. Just make sure no sharp edges are left behind.

Cut the bracelet to length.

Apply flux paste to the ends and to the nuts. Use a torch to solder them on.

File off any excess solder.

Step 5: Polish

Sand the bracelet with progressively finer sand paper.

Finally, polish with polishing compound and a buffing wheel.

Step 6: Form the Shape

Use a circular form to start the shape in the bracelet. I used the bottom of my torch.

Form the final shape by hand.



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Hey I Love your design
I'm 16 years Old and wanted a bracelet as a gift for my friend
I tried it using electrical copper wire wich worked just as good

photo-15.02.15 22:52.jpgphoto-15.02.15 22:52.jpgphoto-15.02.15 22:52.jpg

if the wire is to hard try Annealing it first.

heres a website that explains it pretty good

This is such an amazing design! I am thinking of making a ring with this concept for my girlfriend. Would there be any issue with the steel wire and solder against the skin?

Be sure to use lead-free solder (like silver solder, intended for jewelry!) when you're doing this. And, if you want, put some spray-on clear coat on the part of the ring touching the skin before shaping it, but it's not really necessary.

Could you tell me where you get tie wire? Thanks!

A lot of stores carry it. I've always known it as bailing wire. Any hardware store should have it as well as feed stores and perhaps Wal-Mart.

now heat it up to welding temp and make damascus out of it

This is awesome! I'm going to make one asap!