Steel Gauntlets (very Simple)





Introduction: Steel Gauntlets (very Simple)

This design is relatively simple compared to other designs. It should take about 4-5 hours to make one. Sorry I did not make a step by step as a video was a easier format. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also would any one be interested in buying them?

Step 1:



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    Where is the video? I really do like these. Wish I could find the video.

    Sorry for some reason the video changed...?

    Hiya these look realy cool
    Do ya mind giving a quote?x

    I want to make this so bad, this is ridiculously awesome and if i do end up making them i will put spikes on the fingers to make myself look like a beast when I'm walking down the street. Scratch that I'm pretty sure you need a permit or something to do that, well nonetheless this is an awesome instructable!

    Really Good! just recently i got into medieval material, this will go nice with my collection...Thanks.

    Nice job, gauntlets look so complicated, but you make it sound easy! Thanks for sharing!