Picture of Garden Steel Pergola - for Kiwi and Grape
00pergola 5.jpg
A pergola is a flat top structure that can act an arbor to support plants. Sometimes used as shade or for decoration. I decided to build one out of steel as I like the narrow lines and like to weld. I am pretty well over that now... It took a bit longer than I anticipated....

I noticed several of the pics have brands showing. These are not intended as recommendation of any particular brand or source.

Step 1: Design, Materials, Tools

I settled on the design in the picture. It was design #5 of 5.. The dimensions of the top are 10' x 10' as steel comes in 20' lengths, and the area I was going to place the pergola called for about that size. Height was still a variable, so I ordered enough steel for eight 10' legs (2 per corner). I also decided to do the whole thing with 1"x2" box.

I went with .065 inch steel as I didn't really need lots of strength, and it cost 1/2 as much( as 1/8th), but it was more difficult to weld and is a bit more fragile and prone to burn through when welding in the breeze outside. The final structure is very strong - easily supports me.

mduncan68 months ago
Any photos with the kiwi and grape growth? Very nice work!
kenbob (author)  mduncan68 months ago

Meant to reply,, see post above.

kenbob (author) 8 months ago

Thanks for the kind words! I couldn't find anything recent, and it is pouring rain today... in the pics below, the bare view is from spring of 2013, and the grape pics are from summer and fall of 2012. Not chronologically organized...

2013-03-29 15.33.00 (Medium).jpg2012-09-14 17.34.07 (Medium).jpg2012-07-29 12.28.12 (Medium).jpg
soapwytch5 years ago
Very nice! :)
STF6 years ago
Did you wrap the metal that went into the concrete in plastic or anything? Are you planning to add anything to the top for shade or just leave it like it is? Good job, looks great.
kenbob (author)  STF6 years ago
Oh, and re: cover - no. In theory it will be covered in grape and kiwi vines shortly...
STF kenbob6 years ago
Oh, that will be cool.
kenbob (author)  STF6 years ago
I painted them liberally with the oil based primer and then was "careful" not to scratch it off when filling in the tubes with wet quick-crete. I thought about doing a plastic bag or something, but did not. I have used "galvanizing paint" before, and it would have probably been a good addition at this stage.
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Great job! I'll probably make one of these in a few years.