Picture of Steel Python Knex Roller Coaster- Instructions
It's back everybody- Steel Python! 
    This model is the recreation of my older design, with a few minor changes, since I never had specific pictures of the original. This design of course has its flaws, so you may have to fiddle around with it until it works correctly. As for me, when I made the instructable the track's adjustments became warped and then it didn't work any more. Sorry that I couldn't get a parts count for you, but deconstruction started right after I finished taking pictures. It sounds dumb, I know, but this is my first instructable.
    So after some requests, here it is! The instructions for Steel Python.
    Enjoy, and remember to leave a comment, and feel free to post your version of this coaster. Thanks!

Step 1: Beginning of Chainlift

This is where the chain lift starts (obviously). Pay close attention to the gear's positioning! There are three modules to this step.
These are the basic divisions of each step:
-Parts make up sections
-Sections make up modules
-Modules make up steps!
   Not to complicated, right? 

Cat + ball machine/roller coaster (usually) = chaos

Jag56 (author)  knexinventions 491 year ago

Lol ya tell me about it.

OZKNEX222 years ago
Jag56 (author)  OZKNEX222 years ago
Very cool! Nice job!
Jag56 (author)  knexpert#108294762 years ago
Thank you!
neat and simple-nice
Jag56 (author)  TheAwesomestDude2 years ago
your welcome
Is there an other way to connect the track? I don't have that many flexy green rods, and none of those neon yellow track connectors :(
Jag56 (author)  dr. richtofen2 years ago
If you convert the supports to micro than you would still need the neon converters.... But you could recreate the supports and make them like those on Serpent Spiral, which uses the converter rods instead. :)
Ok, I'll try sometime. I haven't built a RC in a VERY long time. Thanks for the tip :)
Looks good, I like it!
Jag56 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago