this is my newest coaster, hope you like it. All it does is go down a curving drop, corkskrew, and curves back to the station.

Here is the video:

I like how it is very compact. you need to make an instructable!
https://m.instructables.com/id/Steel-Python-Knex-Roller-Coaster-Instructions/?ALLSTEPS#comment<br>This should bring you to the ible! If not just find it on my orange board. Thanks and enjoy!
Well done! Your first realistic coaster!!! Great flow and a very smooth ride<br>A few things. The corkscrew is a a bit stretched on the right side of the lift.<br>The turns and drop are good. If you want to go for a great corkscrew shape try using my track spine to keep it in a consistent shape. The Flexi base is good. <br>Also You should start using trains. You can get more speed with three car trains then with one car.<br>Overall really good! 4.5*<br>BTW is that misty or shadow that pops up everywhere?
thanks for the recommendations! And the cat is Toby :-)
How many cats do you have? B.T.W awesome coaster.
Three. Misty, shadow, and toby.<br>And Thanks!<br>
Have you made an instructable? If not please post one! This is an awesome coaster!
I never considered making an instructable, but now that you mention it I might!
Oh O.K
yeah shadow told me. I had completely forgotten about him. I want to know which cat is which.
Make an instructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks a lot like a micro version of Storm Mountian. But overall very good!
Thanks everyone!!!
cool %*
wow! 4.5*

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