Steel Python Knex Roller Coaster

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Introduction: Steel Python Knex Roller Coaster

this is my newest coaster, hope you like it. All it does is go down a curving drop, corkskrew, and curves back to the station.

Here is the video:



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    I like how it is very compact. you need to make an instructable!
    This should bring you to the ible! If not just find it on my orange board. Thanks and enjoy!

    Well done! Your first realistic coaster!!! Great flow and a very smooth ride
    A few things. The corkscrew is a a bit stretched on the right side of the lift.
    The turns and drop are good. If you want to go for a great corkscrew shape try using my track spine to keep it in a consistent shape. The Flexi base is good.
    Also You should start using trains. You can get more speed with three car trains then with one car.
    Overall really good! 4.5*
    BTW is that misty or shadow that pops up everywhere?

    thanks for the recommendations! And the cat is Toby :-)

    How many cats do you have? B.T.W awesome coaster.

    Three. Misty, shadow, and toby.
    And Thanks!

    Have you made an instructable? If not please post one! This is an awesome coaster!

    I never considered making an instructable, but now that you mention it I might!

    yeah shadow told me. I had completely forgotten about him. I want to know which cat is which.