Step 8: Wrapping it all Up

Picture of Wrapping it all Up
By now the kids should be  walking around proudly with their chimes in hand. Ask them what they will do with them now. What I've noticed with this project is that NONE are left behind.
This is my gauge for project success... if lots of projects are left behind i know that it is not working and the kids don't like it. Simple!

An instructables reader suggested this link...

Here is a marking rubric for the project. If you want to get all fancy its an example of criterion referenced assessment. Nice to know all the years in university are not going completely to waste... :-)
In our district we cannot mark in a subjective way. Projects have to be marked objectively which is really tough in our area. This marking sheet make it easier, hopefully. I also always give students the chance to fix or improve things and re-submit for a better mark.  This marking sheet gives the student a clear picture of what the grade looks like. A mark really should NOT be a surprise for a kid.

Chimes Marking Sheet

NAME:_________________________DIV:__________________MARK      /60







Tube Measuring

Tubes not cut to 3 different lengths. Holes not cut to spot determined by tube length. No resonance

Tubes cut to 3 lengths within 10% of specified sizes. Holes drilled all within 10% of specified

Tubes cut 3 sizes perfectly with 3 notes  listed on board. Holes drilled exactly as specified by tube length.

Top Cap and Sail

Cut roughly, topcap not round, holes missing or uneven, unfiled.

Holes evenly spaced on topcap, edges smooth but not perfect. Sail is smoothly cut and filed.

Holes perfectly spaced and smooth, edges filed. Topcap round and perfect. Sail exactly like drawing.


Pipes all over, sail touching pipes or more than 6” below. Striker missing a pipe.

Pipes even at top edge but not perfect.

Sail within spec. knots tied off but rough.

Pipes exactly the same distance from topcap. Striker positioned in average middle of pipes. Sail exactly 3-5” Knots tied off and trimmed perfectly.