Heyo people's! Been a while since I've done an ible, thought it'd be nice to put one up for a change of pace!
>alright.. Lets get to the ible!

Step 1: Find the Parts/Tools

Alright for this you're gonna need 7 things 1)a steel or stainless steel washer. 2)a dremal or drill. 3)files and sand paper. 4)ring mandrel or even a round crow bar. 5)patience.. It takes about 2-4 hours if you work nonstop, have everything you need, and are experienced with stuff like this. 6)a hammer, if you don't have this you're not getting far :P. 7) most important thing is music.. If you don't have it.. And you're in a quite room.. You will most likely go bonkers.. Trust me 0.0
Cool ring but pictures of a mandrel and how you flattened it would be nice. I don't have a clue how you flattened it.
Pictures wouldn't have given much of a "how to" on flattening it out. I believe somewhere in this ible I explained how to do it. There's more than one way to flatten it, you just kinda have to figure out what works best for you.
A lot of work for the result. Why not cut a piece of pipe and work from there?
If you're talking about the lack of shine, and the dents on the outside. <br>It was made to look more distressed. If I really wanted I could make that thing look flawless, mirror finish, smooth surface. But that's not what I wanted. <br>As for the pipe, you could I guess, but you would have to resize it. which resizing involves putting a seam, and soldering it back together. Not the most ideal thing if you're wanting it to look good.
Don't get me wrong. I like the look. I made one of a titanium piece of scrap pipe which was the right size for me, so I was lucky. I made the sides and inside shine and the outside brushed with a scotch pad. Stretching a ring is hard to do with diy tools (and impossible with titanium)
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It's really cool how you were able to do this with the regular tools in your house! I find that most of these instructables always require those machines that most people don't have. Thanks for making a ring instruct able for the common mans budget!

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