Picture of Steel Wings for Thor or Valkyrie Helmet
In this tutorial, we expand on what we built in the Basic Helmet Frame and Basic Spanghelm (Viking Helmet), and add decorative wings in the style of Thor or a Valkyrie.  They are made of stainless steel and built to be tough, but I don't think I would wear them in combat simply because catching a blow with the wing would put too much torque on your neck and could lead to injury.  If you want to wear them in combat (and the ref allows it), I would use some sort of break-away rivets so the wings snap off before your neck does.

I made it in TechShop.  You just need to take the MTL103: Basic Metal Shop SBU class in order to be qualified to use all the tools in the TechShop for this piece.

Tools you'll need:
- Rolling & Embossing tool (we'll cover how to make one from a cheap chisel)
- Planishing hammer (pneumatic is best, but a hand planishing hammer is fine)
- Vice
- Rivetter (for pull rivets)
- Beverly shear (or hand shear)
- Drill (with 1/8" cobalt or titanium bit)
- Grinder
- Polishing wheel for the grinder
- Wire wheel for the grinder
- Hand file or maybe a Dremel tool (I used a hand file)
- C clamp

Materials you'll need:
- 0.03" thick stainless steel sheet metal
 - Rivets (1/8" diameter, 1/4" or 1/2" length depending on the thickness of where you are attaching the wings, I needed 1/2" length with the helmet shown).  You can use pull rivets (as I did) or make your own from roofing nails.
- Rivet washers (1/8" diameter hole)
Excellent work, I have really enjoyed the instructables for this helmet.
M3G1 year ago
Impressive, the wings really add character to the helmet.