In this tutorial, we expand on what we built in the Basic Helmet Frame and Basic Spanghelm (Viking Helmet), and add decorative wings in the style of Thor or a Valkyrie.  They are made of stainless steel and built to be tough, but I don't think I would wear them in combat simply because catching a blow with the wing would put too much torque on your neck and could lead to injury.  If you want to wear them in combat (and the ref allows it), I would use some sort of break-away rivets so the wings snap off before your neck does.

I made it in TechShop.  You just need to take the MTL103: Basic Metal Shop SBU class in order to be qualified to use all the tools in the TechShop for this piece.

Tools you'll need:
- Rolling & Embossing tool (we'll cover how to make one from a cheap chisel)
- Planishing hammer (pneumatic is best, but a hand planishing hammer is fine)
- Vice
- Rivetter (for pull rivets)
- Beverly shear (or hand shear)
- Drill (with 1/8" cobalt or titanium bit)
- Grinder
- Polishing wheel for the grinder
- Wire wheel for the grinder
- Hand file or maybe a Dremel tool (I used a hand file)
- C clamp

Materials you'll need:
- 0.03" thick stainless steel sheet metal
 - Rivets (1/8" diameter, 1/4" or 1/2" length depending on the thickness of where you are attaching the wings, I needed 1/2" length with the helmet shown).  You can use pull rivets (as I did) or make your own from roofing nails.
- Rivet washers (1/8" diameter hole)

Step 1: Notes on Tools

In addition to the tools listed in the intro, which you'll find in the TechShop, you'll probably need to create your own rolling/embossing tool.  Don't worry, the rolling-embossing tool is super easy to make and only costs about $5.

You can follow these instructions on how to make and use the rolling & embossing tool.

The wire wheel for the grinder isn't necessary, you can use just the polishing wheel to make a mirror finish, but I liked the frosted steel effect the wire wheel creates.
Excellent work, I have really enjoyed the instructables for this helmet.
Impressive, the wings really add character to the helmet.

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