Picture of Steel Wool Firework
Materials: steel wool and battery

Procedure: take the battery and swipe it across the steel wool to create a fire
Lewis72067 months ago
I think it's a mushroom .____. Not sure tho
ajensen19 (author)  Lewis72067 months ago
I thought that you were talking about this video before I opened the comment in my email:
jak10310 months ago
ew,what is that thing in the last pic!?!!
kmacfarlane6010 months ago
so whats that thing in the last picture.
Lectric Wizard11 months ago
This is not fireworks,just a fire starter at best ...
ajensen19 (author)  Lectric Wizard11 months ago
I know of various ways to start a fire. One of them being to mix potassium permanganate with glycerin. The reaction may be slow, so you add a few drops of water to help it get started.
jmwells11 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
ajensen19 (author)  jmwells11 months ago
Did you know that you can clean dishes with dirt in a camping situation and wash off the dirt with water.
kakashibatosi11 months ago
Might want to rename your project. This is a fire starter.