"Sir, let me take this moment to compliment you on your fashion sense, particularly your slippers."

Tired of heavy, clunky boots when you're in the shop? Live in a warehouse and don't want to put 'real' shoes on when you let the dog out? Need to just pop into the workshop for a sec and hate tying up a bajjilion laces? Channeling Chris Knight?

Well, my friend, despair no more. Steel toed bunny slippers are here. Comfy yet safe, cute and fluffy but strong and durable, you'll be a fashion trendsetter.

This Instructable is listed under 'fashion' because it's clothing, but it's also 'workshop', because, well, why shouldn't you be fashionable – or at least comfy–in the workshop?

Step 1: Aquire Materials

You'll need:

1 pair of bunny slippers:http://amzn.com/B00OBVBQRK

1 pair of 'turbotoe' steel toe caps:http://amzn.com/B00BOK565Y

Barge all purpose cement:http://amzn.com/B00F0VPV62


rubber gloves (to protect your hands from the cement)

utility knife, x-acto or similar

Fabric that matches the bunny slippers

1 yd 1/2" white elastic band

Sewing machine or serger (though it can be done by hand)

<p>I am definitely making some of these. Just broke my toe (again!) so I obviously need the protection around my house. Thanks for the figuring this out and the great commentary on the instructions :)</p>
<p>OMG so good just seeing this</p>
<p>nice idea but not safe for doing anything that involves sparks... Such as welding</p>
<p>i have small kids that run over my feet all day, i have wanted steel toe slippers for years, this is AWESOME</p>
<p>Sharing this with friend Kelly, a techshop Pittsburgh DC who I'm sure will feel similarly as I do, namely: &quot;this is so awesome I wish I thought of it myself&quot;. </p><p><br>Also- I'm so darned excited to come hang out with y'all at Pier 9 starting February. SO.</p>
<p>I think I'm in love!</p>
<p>This is sooooooo random!</p>
<p>How about making a composite toe slipper so your toes don't freeze in winter?</p>
<p>I was thinking high heel steel toe shoes could be next. But then they actually make those. Still, a lot of things that are presented as DIY projects here are actually made as products so what the heck. Though the open toed ones seem like they would be defeating the purpose to an extent. Anyway, the folks at the missle silos might appreciate a pair. Some of these guys even wear snuggies. Gets chilly deep underground while waiting for Armargeddon.</p>
<p>Imagine welding while wearing these and a dingleberry falls on one. HOTFOOT! LOL! (It happened to me while wearing tennis shoes and yes, you get a hotfoot)</p><p>Great project </p>
<p>And the quote from real genius is great too</p>
<p>great work!</p>
<p>THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE IT<br> although... my brother doesn't understand these kind of things.</p>
<p>Wait..what the...? </p><p>Why not?! This is great. Yes ago, I found some steel toe penny loafers at an industrial clothing shop. They looked GREAT but were a problem at the airport security. </p><p>Great idea! Thanks for sharing. </p>
<p>Love this!</p>
<p>I love this.I stand all day and have to wear steel toes.Now I can wear my sipper's all the time</p><p>Thank you,Brilliant!</p>
<p>Gotta love it, wish I wasn't retired. I'd make a pair and rear them in the shop I used to work at, provided they would pass OSHA requirements. GREAT project...</p>
<p>Reminded me of the &quot;Kids in the Hall&quot; skit, they were only hiring guys with safety shoes. One of the Kids had on a bathrobe and house shoes, assured the boss they were steel toe, till they dropped a weight on his feet.</p>
<p>Any project that reference Real Genius is a winner with me! I need a pair.</p>
<p>Sweet! I think they'll look even better with some weld spatter burns, spills, paint, etc. I think I'll try these in sheepskin- thanks for the idea</p>
<p>Sorry, couldn't help but bursting out in laughter instantly at first sight.<br>Would have been something for Bugs Bunny or Roadrunner.<br>Humor in the workshop, we can't have enough !</p>
I luv it
<p>Love everything about this, other than the main image.</p><p>Please DO make these. </p><p>Please, FOR THE LOVE OF SPARKY, DO NOT wear these in a weld shop!</p><p>rubber sole, synthetic fiber shell, and flame = not good.</p><p>would make a lovely &quot;you forgot your steel toe shoes for class, here wear these&quot;.</p><p>put them right above the bin of cheesy pink safety glasses for people who forgot those too.</p>
Awesome idea and really cool for Business... I Love it!!!
Simply brilliant!
<p>Wow, just... wow lmao. love the earmuffs too ! four ears up :D</p>
<p>These are totally awesome! I love the GIF of you hitting them with a sledgehammer. Nice work!</p>
That is wonderful. It brings to mind the Val Kilmer movie, Real Genius.
<p>Love 'em!</p>
<p>These are amazing!</p>
<p>That is awesome!</p>
<p>Envy of the jobsite. Those look wonderful. Even if they're not ANSI rated, they're safer than normal bunny slippers. </p>
<p>PS. I am glad to see you taking care of their senitive ears with the hearing protection!</p>
<p>You absolutely made my day with this Instructable. I am trying to think of a way to make the covers come off the steel toes for washing as my shop is woefully dirty. But in any case I want some bunny steel toe slippers!</p>

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