Stegosaurus T-shirt Mod





Introduction: Stegosaurus T-shirt Mod

Turn your t-shirt from sad to rad with this easy

Stegosaurus T-shirt Mod



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    Make sure you start with a t-shirt that is too big for you. The slices in the back will make it smaller by that same amount - 3" on each side for me = t-shirt is 6" smaller!

    DH just (WOW! once in a lifetime) tidied up his closet and has lots of tshirts he was about to throw into the red cross bag. Well, there is enough left but 1 or 2 i will use to make this wonderful Mod! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Me: wow look at this!
    DH: She is really in great shape!

    Oh, this I've got to try! Love this idea!

    Wait, wait, wait. What does this have to do with stegosauruses?

    I think it's the spikes at the back BTW love the ible scoochmarro!

    I'm 6 feet 9 iunches and 17 1/2 stone I can't find a T shirt that's too big for me. Looks cool on you though

    Ha! OK, I guess we'll have to do a How to Make a T-shirt I'ble. I bet a stegoshirt would look rad on you!

    whoohoo! love this! and boy do I have t-shirts that are begging to be modded :D and kind of a bony I should probably work out more...heh.

    I have to show this to my daughter. I bet she'll love it.

    That's really pretty!

    Now if "someone" would send me a nice blue one... (I got Army Green instead). :P