Stencil Fabric With Duct Tape





Introduction: Stencil Fabric With Duct Tape

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Stencil fabric with duct tape!

Step 1: Supplies

- Duct Tape

- Fabric

- Fabric Paint

- Cutting Mat

- Craft Knife

- Clear Packing Tape

- Card Board or Paper Bag

- Image for Shirt

- Paint Brushes

Step 2:

Start by overlapping duct tape pieces on the cutting mat. Make sure this is large enough for the image. Next, place the image over the duct tape and cover it with the packing tape.

Step 3:

Next, using the craft knife, trace the outline of the image making sure to cut through the paper and the duct tape. Once this is done, remove the paper and peel up duct tape creating a stencil.

Step 4:

When I transferring the stencil to the shirt, I cut it in half to make this step easier.

Step 5:

Using the fabric paint, start to dab on the paint. I let the paint dry and did two more coats. Once dry, peel up the duct tape!



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5 Discussions

Good rework of the earlier instructable. Definate improvements. Love the deesign too.

Wow great idea?

great! I want to do it but now I just need a t shirt to do it on! And Maby some fabric paint. Thx for making this instrucrable

1 reply

you may consider using normal acrylic paint! you can increase the adhesive power and flexibility by adding textile medium!! thats what i do!

Nicely done!