Stenciled Moleskine





Introduction: Stenciled Moleskine

I was riffing with the logo for False Profit and came up with something that might work as a stencil, so I actually laser cut one and started looking around for something to use it on. My moleskine was nearby, so that's what got stencilled.

I didn't really hold the stencil very still or flatten it carefully against the surface, which is why the stencil is a little blurry.



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    you made a stencil out of copper and still managed to over spray....

    Nah. It looks like copper, but that's just the gold spray paint on plastic. It was flexing all over the place.

    Laser cutters are for chumps

    Yeah, it's all about the 3-axis CNC machines, baby.

    You don't want to laser moleskines. They contain PVC which produces toxic gasses that are harmful to you and the laser. See Lady Ada's forum there is quite a bit of discussion on it.

    get a can of 3m spray adhesive and spray a TINY bit on the stencil. this will help it bind to whatever yer painting and prevent underspray.

    any ways minors can get Montana gold? ;p

    not w/out a guardian. Montana's still the best, tho.

    Note: there's a surface coating on the Moleskine leather that prevented the spraypaint from binding well. Not sure what the solution here, is. Next time, I'm laser-cutting the leather directly!