I wanted a new t-shirt to add to my collection, so I began searching the web for a simple image that I could use to make a stencil out of. The image I eventually chose was an image of one my favorite bands, Family Force 5. If you haven't heard of them, I am not surprised. They aren't a very popular band, but they are worth looking up. 

The stencil was probably the most challenging part of this t-shirt. As you can see it has alot of details and small lines. It took me around 4 days to complete. I did do other things other than work on my stencil, so that is why it took some a large amount of time. 

The paint I used was a mixture of two different types of fabric paint, which you can buy at any hobby store for not very much.

Edit: I also made other T-shirts with the stencil technique, so I decided to make this a collaboration of different t-shirts I have made. The sparkly paint was not planned, it was a mistake on my part when I purchased the paint. I have to give credit to zombiecore for the "Caution: Vikings Pillaging"
who is family force 5?
Gotta love Family Force 5
=D Omigosh! I&nbsp;love Family Force 5!<br /> Hahaha. That's a pretty tight stencil too =]<br />
I love Family Force 5! Seen them twice in concert! 2 best concerts I've ever been to. On new year of 08-09 SGA popped a balloon on my head XD
<p>family force 5..... ill have to check them out<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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