Astro turf is great stuff for a bit of outdoor ground cover. The only problem is that it can look a little plain with that big area of one color of green. So instead we can use a stencil and some spray paint to add a pattern to it.

Step 1: Supplies

Astro turf
White Indoor/Outdoor Krylon spray paint
painter's tape
Measuring tape
Great idea! I'll have to show this to my friend who does <a href="http://www.westernturffarms.com/pages/products-page.php" rel="nofollow">surrey turf installation</a>. Thanks!
Interesting idea! I've never even thought of spray painting my astro <a href="http://www.westernturffarms.com/" rel="nofollow">turf in Vancouver</a>! I may have to try this out. I think I'll go for a more mottley type of pattern, though. Anyway, thanks!
This is really cool! And I really like how you made it yourself! I have been interested in some turf like this! Specifically <a href="http://www.westernturffarms.com/" rel="nofollow">turf vancouver</a>! Can you tell me where I can find more information like this? Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the post, I've been wanting to get <a href="http://www.westernturffarms.com/" rel="nofollow">turf in Vancouver</a> in the park near our home for our kids. Because it would be a big step up than having to look at dead grass all of the time when you go to the park.
Thanks for sharing this, that looks really cool. We've been wanting to get some <a href="http://www.westernturffarms.com/" rel="nofollow">turf in Vancouver</a> and do something like this for our backyard. How long did it take? I think this would be a fun project to tackle.
I am wanting to find some of this really thin astro <a href="http://www.westernturffarms.com/" rel="nofollow">turf in Vancouver</a>. Thanks for this great post. I will consider the things here.

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