Picture of Stenciled astro turf

Astro turf is great stuff for a bit of outdoor ground cover. The only problem is that it can look a little plain with that big area of one color of green. So instead we can use a stencil and some spray paint to add a pattern to it.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Astro turf
White Indoor/Outdoor Krylon spray paint
painter's tape
Measuring tape

Step 2: Making the stencil, pt. 1

Picture of Making the stencil, pt. 1
Print out the attached PDF. This will give you two prints to work with. Cut the excess off of one side of each as seen in step 2 here. This will put the edge of the design flush against the side of the paper.

Tape the two pieces together as seen in step 3 and then cut out the combined shape as seen in step 4.

Step 3: Stencil, pt. 2

Picture of stencil, pt. 2
Tape five more pieces of paper as seen in the picture here. For the bottom piece of paper, do not have any overlap. Put the papers flush against each other and then tape together.

With the paper taped up, flip up the bottom piece of paper and use a Sharpie to mark the middle of the stencil. This is what you will use to line up the stencil when spray painting later.

Step 4: First tape

Picture of First tape
The first step is to put painter's tape around three sides of the astro turf. These will be the guide for the array of stencils to be used

Step 5: Marking and more tape

Picture of Marking and more tape
Along each long end, mark with the Sharpie every 6 inches for a total of 14 marks.

With that done, stretch more painter's tape across the astro turf to connect every even mark from one side to the other.

Step 6: More marks

Picture of More marks
Along the bottom piece of tape, mark off every 9 inches with the Sharpie. Along the top piece of horizontal tape, mark 9 inches and then every 18 inches.

Use those marks on the top and bottom along with a measuring tape to quickly mark off the same four marks on the other horizontal pieces of tape.