Stencilling on Cookies - Rose Valentine Cookie

Picture of Stencilling on Cookies - Rose Valentine Cookie
Stencilling on cookies is such a quick and easy way of adding a pretty design, and if you’re worried about piping letters or monograms on cookies, this would be a perfect solution! And if you can do this on walls or on paper, you’ll be able to do it on cookies as well!
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Step 1: Things You'll Need

Picture of Things You'll Need
To make these, you’ll need:

Sugar Cookie Recipe here:
Royal Icing Recipe here.
Heart Cookie Cutters
Piping Tips (#1, #4)
Piping Bags
Food Gel Colourings (pink, red, brown)
Rose Stencil (You can find many different kinds of rose stencils online, for example, Golda’s Kitchen, or visit your local hardware or art store for stencils as well).
Leaf Cutter Set
Offset Spatula

For a tutorial on how to make gumpaste or fondant leaves, click here.  (These are just a little smaller and have a different line pattern in the leaf. Please see list above for leaf cutter set).

Step 2: Flood the Cookie Base

Picture of Flood the Cookie Base
Flood your heart cookies with pink royal icing. Let them dry overnight.

Step 3: Thicken Icing for Stencilling

Picture of Thicken Icing for Stencilling
Make your red stencilling icing a little bit thicker than flood icing by adding some icing sugar. When you drag a knife through the surface of the icing, it will basically still hold it’s shape.

Step 4: Add Icing to Stencil

Picture of Add Icing to Stencil
Place your stencil on the base of dry royal icing. Try to hold the stencil still and pipe your icing onto the rose using a #4 piping tip (other sizes are fine too). You could also just put a little bit of icing on the rose with a palette knife or spatula. Cover only the rose with the red icing.

Step 5: Scrape Icing Off

Picture of Scrape Icing Off
Using an offset palette knife, lightly scrape the icing off the stencil.

Step 6: Lift Stencil

Picture of Lift Stencil
Lift the stencil away from the cookie. For best results, every 2-3 applications, clean the stencil with warm water and dry thoroughly.

Step 7: Pipe Dots Around Cookie Perimeter

Picture of Pipe Dots Around Cookie Perimeter
Pipe alternating coloured dots around the perimeter of the heart with a #1 piping tip. If your dots have pointed tips on them, push them down with a toothpick or a damp paintbrush.

this is a really good idea

rrkrose2 years ago
Those roses on the cookies are just breathe taking! You did such a wonderful job.
Sweetopia (author)  rrkrose2 years ago
Thank you @rrkrose!
ltdaria3 years ago
I honestly didn't know you could do this... I have to try :)
VACH.3 years ago
Very pretty :D
Sweetopia (author) 3 years ago
Thanks!! =)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Wow, I had no idea you could do this!
wow really well done!!!! i'm going to try this