Introduction: Step 1

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- Upload the biggest picture in nproject

-Trace The outline using spline

-Finish Sketch

Step 1: Extrution

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-Extrude the part .75

Step 2: Sketch 2

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Select the font face, face the same picture over the extruded part. Draw the ouline of the superman logo in the middle. Finish sketch, and extrude the part .25 inside the part

Step 3:

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Once again select the front face, and sketch the S into the part

Step 4:

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Extrude the letters out

Step 5:

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Select another picture, use spline to make lines around it,

Step 6:

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Same step as before with pikachu

Step 7:

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Extrude the pikachu and lamobrghini at .75

Step 8: Final

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Cut IT


tomatoskins (author)2016-05-31

That looks great! Have you been able to print it?

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