A Valentines Day Gift for the Unemployed


Introduction: A Valentines Day Gift for the Unemployed

       Remove Starburst from wrapper, insert the Starburst into your mouth (YUM!), flatten the wrapper and place color side down.

Step 1:

  Fold lengthwise (hot dog style) to crease. Open back up.

Step 2:

Fold top and bottom edges to the crease.

Step 3:

Fold new top and bottom edges into the middle.

Step 4:

Fold the whole thing in half lengthwise.

Step 5:

Bring ends together and crease in the middle. 

Step 6:

Fold left and right sides into the middle line. Fold entire thing in half again at middle line.

Step 7: How to Connect the Links

1.     Holding two links, insert the two free ends of one into the middle of the two ends of other link.

2.     Repeat, zig zaging back and forth to make a chain.

3.     Connect two ends of a loop by reversing the direction of the last link so it goes back in the same direction.

4.     Push the last link on the other end up and insert it into other link.


** You must add one link at a time and cannot link two chains together.

** It is easier to connect links if inserting into the side with two folds instead of the side with four.

Step 8: Movie

A video representation of the seven steps in action! Create your links and give that bracelet to someone special.



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    This Instructable is clearly the best one I've found for this (and trust me, there are lots!). And I loved the video, it really helped.

    Great job!

    *By the way, what song was playing during the song? It was kinda retro but I liked it.

    1 reply

    the song is "Girl" by Beck

    hi omg thank you all the tutorials on youtube dont know how to explain well but you do thanks so much luv you