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Rosettes a very easy to make and are perfect in a garland to add a vintage touch to your room . First choose a pretty long rectangle of paper,

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I chose a polka dot grey piece of paper, around 30 cm long.

Step 2: Step 3

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Fold your paper one way then the other, like you would fold a fan, the thinness of the strips determines the look of your Rosette but don't make them too thick or it won't work! :D

Step 3: Step 4

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Once you have finished folding the whole strip of paper fold it in half so it makes a fan shape.

Step 4: Step 5

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Tie a piece of string around the centre of the rosette this will just secure the shape.

Step 5: Step 6

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Fold out your rosette and glue the meeting sides together, you might want to add a paper clip whilst they are drying! Alternatively you can use double sided sticky tape.

Step 6: Step 7

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There! You have your rosette! Just poke some holes through the top and make a few more, and you have a super cute garland to decorate your room! :-D !!!


tootler001 (author)2014-01-29

Thnx 4 the help!! :)

Dominic Bender (author)2014-01-27

You should chance the title of your instructable to actually say what it is you are making, and maybe use the final picture for step 1, too. Thanks for sharing!

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