Introduction: Toolbox

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mdf wood 3 mm thick


stretcher +/- 1.5 m

rubber blanket 70cmx100cm

duplex tape

Step 1: Cut Your Wooden Panel

Picture of Cut Your Wooden Panel

To make the toolbox you need 3 panels.

2x 25cmx61cm

1x 16cmx61cm

Step 2: Tape the Rubber Blancket to the Wood

Picture of Tape the Rubber Blancket to the Wood

tape the rubber blancket on the wood with your duplex tape. Put enough pressure on your prototype.

Leave 5 mm space between the panels so you can youse it as a hinge.

Step 3: Tool Streches

Picture of Tool Streches

fasten your stretches with stamples.

Step 4: Fill It With Tools

Picture of Fill It With Tools

fill your box with tools and go make it !


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