Hello all, here is a step by step of altering a trickle solar charger I bought from harbo freight
Extensive research on small solar systems <5 watts led me to this little inexpensive ($12.99) charger from harbor freight.  Sure it is big, but it is also 12V at 1.5 watts and cost less than some 1 watt panels when shipping is included (http://adafruit.com/products/262).  it is a 22.25V open circuit but who wants that awkward voltage? 12V is a nice round number so i kept the trickle circuit and stepdown in.
I took apart the car charger part and did my own little edits to it and made it into a nice little solar source.

Step 1: Taking the car port apart

The first two pictures aren't the actual car port for the trickle charger (its to my inverter).  I needed a picture to show the inside of one though, they are pretty much the same though the charger has a built in trickle circuit
if the battery in question is alrdy near death. then go 4 it.

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