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My poured concrete step didn't make it through the winter very well. I decided to try and fix it and make it look better rather than get another one. It also cost much less for the fix since the tiles I picked out were only $1.71 each. I used porcelain tile that was rated for outdoor use. You could also use pavers if the thickness isn't a problem, or natural stone. I think it is best to avoid ceramic tile unless it says it's acceptable for outdoor use. A rough textured tile or stone will be less slippery when wet or icy. I very rarely do tile work and I don't pretend to be an expert. It was a simple job but If anyone has a better material or process for this feel free to comment.

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First I cleaned off all the loose material. I didn't dig hard in the middle because these steps seem like they are cast hollow, filled with sand and junk, then capped. It also means that you'll use more mortar than usual. I used indoor/outdoor thinset mortar to set the tiles. I wet the surface a little before putting the mortar on.

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After the tiles were set, I used some concrete repair mix that can be feathered thin around the edges and between the tiles. I cleaned off the tiles and done!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-04-24

Looks great. Are you doing anything special to protect it from next winter?

If I would have just used the mortar, I'd consider sealing it with silicone or grout sealer. Since I finished the sides and between tiles with the concrete refinisher mix, I don't think I'll bother doing that. I'm hoping it lasts at least as long as a new step would have, but for 1/10th the cost to repair it than for buying a new one.

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