Step Into a World of Creativity By Creating Your Own Stepping-stone.

Picture of Step Into a World of Creativity By Creating Your Own Stepping-stone.
Interested in sprucing up your garden or backyard? Stepping-stones are a great way to add your personality to your garden or backyard! Craft stores sell stepping-stone kits. However I have discovered that the quality of the materials do not last. Additionally, rather than spending up to twenty dollars on purchasing a stepping-stone at your local nursery, you can create your own masterpiece for less than five dollars each.

• Concrete mix (from craft store)
• Metal or aluminum cooking pan or mold
• Large mixing spoon
• Large mixing bowl
• Plastic gloves
• Protective eye-wear (optional)
• Non-stick cooking spray, such as Pam (vegetable oil will also suffice)
• Water
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Step 1: Find a mold

Picture of Find a mold
Find a metal or aluminum mold at your local grocery or craft store. You can get creative by using irregular shapes and sizes, seeing as there is a large amount of options. In fact, even cake and pie pans will suffice. If this is your first time making a stepping-stone, I recommend using a mold no larger than 9x13 inches.  

Step 2: Decide on tiles

Picture of Decide on tiles
Find the tiles you would like to use to decorate your stepping-stone. You can purchase all types of mosaic tiles at your local craft store. Another option is to use shards of glass from plates. Unlike mosaic tiles, plates possess patterns and unique designs. For this stepping-stone, I purchased a small bag of assorted mosaic tiles for a mere $1.50.

Step 3: Select a working space

Decide on your preparation area. The ideal area is free from distractions and complications, such as pets and children. This space should be secluded area with little or to no traffic. For example, I usually resort to an empty room or porch. 

Step 4: Prepare the area

Place sheets of newspaper or an old bed sheet to cover the carpet and/or furniture to prevent permanent stains. Also, it will make the cleanup easier and faster! 
take plastic ice cube trays spray' or jest oil 'm wuth any veg oil , or any oil at all dump ecess mix in it then you get cubes thta you uses as filler in garden or any place some "clean fill" is needed. Depression in a garden bed ? dig it up dump in left over cement cubes put a piece garden fabric over it and put soil back. Use under fancy garden stone to save money.

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