Interested in sprucing up your garden or backyard? Stepping-stones are a great way to add your personality to your garden or backyard! Craft stores sell stepping-stone kits. However I have discovered that the quality of the materials do not last. Additionally, rather than spending up to twenty dollars on purchasing a stepping-stone at your local nursery, you can create your own masterpiece for less than five dollars each.

• Concrete mix (from craft store)
• Metal or aluminum cooking pan or mold
• Large mixing spoon
• Large mixing bowl
• Plastic gloves
• Protective eye-wear (optional)
• Non-stick cooking spray, such as Pam (vegetable oil will also suffice)
• Water

Step 1: Find a Mold

Find a metal or aluminum mold at your local grocery or craft store. You can get creative by using irregular shapes and sizes, seeing as there is a large amount of options. In fact, even cake and pie pans will suffice. If this is your first time making a stepping-stone, I recommend using a mold no larger than 9x13 inches.  
take plastic ice cube trays spray' or jest oil 'm wuth any veg oil , or any oil at all dump ecess mix in it then you get cubes thta you uses as filler in garden or any place some &quot;clean fill&quot; is needed. Depression in a garden bed ? dig it up dump in left over cement cubes put a piece garden fabric over it and put soil back. Use under fancy garden stone to save money. <br> <br>just a thought <br> <br>nice instructable

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