I really like wooden sculpted objects, there is something subtle and refined about wood crafted pieces. I wanted to explore the Shopbot to make 3d surfacing in objects that were designed digitally and then export it to the machine to make the work for me. I decided to start with a clock I designed where I would machine both the top and the bottom. I hope you guys get excited and make stuff on the router, it’s a pretty cool machine to sculpt wood and make beautiful objects.

Here is a preview video of what you will be doing:

Step 1: Design Concept

I wanted to design a clock that could show the progress of time in a 3 dimensional way. There is something special about how time is relative to humans, sometimes time goes so fast that it “flies” meanwhile to others it “drags” forever.

I was inspired by M.C. Escher’s lithograph “Ascending and Descending” which shows a line of people in an infinite loop stairs, very similar to the Penrose stairs/steps. All of these examples are impossible objects as they are an optical illusion. A person could climb the stairs forever and never get higher, making it impossible to make in 3 dimensions. This made me think of time and space to design the clock. I wanted to divide the 12 hours in a clock and make a spiral staircase of 12 steps but making 6 go down and 6 go up so it would be a useless stairs. In terms of time, this would show how time passes but you are still back where you started.

<p>This looks awesome! I think it turned out really well. I want to get my hands on a Shopbot for a project coming up.</p>
<p>Nice one</p>

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