Step 1: Step by Step Process Mermaid Coffee Table

Be sure the piece you have selected is structurally sound and make repairs where needed

startree2 years ago
great project! excellent use of barbies too :)
antioch2 years ago
no way!
Lord of The Things (author)  antioch2 years ago
Way? Do you mean No Way to the $400?
haha, no! no way to the awesomeness!
anonygrazer2 years ago
Freakin' AWESOME!!!

When I 1st hit your page only the finished picture came up so I didn't know you'd used Barbie's and liquid nails for hair and thought it must be a pretty expensive project . Very, very creative and I'm hoping to find a project to use your technique on, thanks!

I'd "like" you on Facebook but I'm the last person in the world w/o a page.
Lord of The Things (author)  anonygrazer2 years ago
P.S. I sold it for $400.00 :)