Step 1: Step by Step Process Mermaid Coffee Table

Be sure the piece you have selected is structurally sound and make repairs where needed

great project! excellent use of barbies too :)
no way!
Way? Do you mean No Way to the $400?
haha, no! no way to the awesomeness!
Freakin' AWESOME!!! <br> <br>When I 1st hit your page only the finished picture came up so I didn't know you'd used Barbie's and liquid nails for hair and thought it must be a pretty expensive project . Very, very creative and I'm hoping to find a project to use your technique on, thanks! <br> <br>I'd &quot;like&quot; you on Facebook but I'm the last person in the world w/o a page.
P.S. I sold it for $400.00 :) <br>

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