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Now I will show you how to draw a Halloween illustration using the program Sketchbook Pro 6 (update), step by step, from the sketch to the signing! :)

Step 1: How start?

Picture of how start?
step 2.jpg
step 4.jpg
- open a new document and choose the size of the sheet on which you are going to draw, I've created a sheet of 3000x2000 for my project.
- to draw the sketch I use a B4 pencil with which begin to draw the structure of the figure.
- later on the same layer I start to define the character by drawing all the details.

lokaa.loky8 months ago

Nice work!

ecsaul231 year ago
sweet work!
wow! i am a really good drawer but drawing on computer with a mouse is hard,how do you controll your hand that easy....
KeithCowan2 years ago
peppeti (author)  KeithCowan2 years ago
ehehe you too!!! :D
Nice work! good luck.
peppeti (author)  John Induna AD2 years ago
thank you so much! good luck too you!
KeithCowan2 years ago
Very nice work my friend! I haven't seen you on the Facebook group in a while but you never fail to impress me with your work!
peppeti (author)  KeithCowan2 years ago
Hi friend! yes, I have been very busy with work and study :(
impressive even your job! but that pen use on your iPad?
I use the Wacom Bamboo on the iPad. Smallest tip I could find and it is very responsive. It looks like the one I drew for my character's lower right arm.
I will still use my finger for big areas to save wearing out the tip but it is replaceable.

Good luck to you on the contest and with your work and art!
peppeti (author)  KeithCowan2 years ago
thanks! you too!!!
sparten112 years ago
nice. looks like you win so far yours it the best. I am new with the program I am much better with freehand. It is hard for me to draw with a mouse. hope I can win one of those tablets to make it easier to draw.

any great job. love the shading and topic is very kewl.

Warren/ sparten11
peppeti (author)  sparten112 years ago
THANK YOU!! I hope for you! good luck! ;)