How It Is Made: Quilled Paper Bowl





Introduction: How It Is Made: Quilled Paper Bowl

I create a bowl from paper. It's not difficult :) Use 5mm wide strips of paper.

To make this paper bowle you need some basics of your quilling supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Quilling strips (many 5mm )
  • Quilling needles
  • liquid Glue (I use Express Wood Glue)
  • BluTac
  • a porcelain bowl

Step 1: Getting the Basic Shape

Make lots of drop and eye shaped pieces in preparation, these will be the ones you'll use for the bowl.

I use a porcelain bowl to get the basic shape. I use BluTac to fix the first flower in the middle.

Step 2: Filling Up the Bowl

I arrange the pattern in the order. I use Express Wood Glue fix the pieces I made in the first step together.

Be careful, don't glue them to the bowl.

Step 3: Almost Done

I use harmonising colors.

Step 4: Last Steps

Remove it carefully from the bowl.

Let the glue dry.

After that you can coat it with diluted glue or lacquer to fix the shape.

You can prepare a sole from some round shaped pieces.

And it's ready!

You can store light objects, jewellery or candies in it.

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Fabulous work!

Have a nice day!

Wonderful, gorgeous and fun!!!!!

How do you keep from gluing the pieces to the bowl? And how do you 'remove it carefully' without it tearing? I think this is gorgeous!

Wow! Thanks for sharing, voted in the quilling contest!

Where did you get the Quilled Paper? Did you glue the pieces together?

1 reply

I buy colored papers and have them cut in a printing house.
Yes, I use Express Wood Glue.

I think he's just saying to hold it in place with BluTak... the whole thing is glued together... whatever your favorite paper glue is would work.

1 reply

Yes, i use Express Wood Glue. BluTack - only middle.

Wow, lovely! What kind of glue do you use to connect the pieces together?

One suggestion: Re-name your Instructable with something a bit more descriptive, like Quilled Paper Bowl. That way people will be able to find it more easily.

1 reply

Cool. But explain it

Unique and gorgeous colors!

So beautiful! ☺

Gyönyörű munka! Gratulálok!

Sok sikert!