Step 3: Installing Kon-Boot on USB.

When you have downloaded kon-boot-all.zip and UNetbootin open up kon-boot-all.zip.

In kon-boot-all.zip open the folder "kon-boot-all *" then double-click the CD Kon-Boot zip file, example: CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.zip. When it asks for a password type "kon-boot" to get access to the folder with the .iso file.

Open the folder appearing and extract the CD Kon-Boot iso file, example: CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.iso to your desktop.

Start UNetbootin as we downloaded before and choose "Disk image". Then click the button with the three dots and locate your CD Kon-Boot iso file. When you are finished doing that choose the USB drive you want it to be installed on. Click ok and see it do magic.

Your done you sucsessfully installed Kon-Boot on your USB stick.