StepMash: Open All-grain Brewing Mashing Process Controller





Introduction: StepMash: Open All-grain Brewing Mashing Process Controller

StepMash is an opensource Arduino-based controller that allows you to manage a 5 steps mashing process.

StepMash features:
-) From 1 to 5 temperature steps (1 sec to 99 min);
-) NTC temperature sensor;
-) Timeout temperature control;
-) Gas valve and piezo ingniter control relays;
-) 1 free relay output;

PCB is wire-wrapped.

StepMash is a prototype, I will test it soon.
This is my first post, sorry for hand-drawn schematics (so '80s...).
Suggestions and questions are welcome.



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    I think an all electric setup would be optional. a heating coil could be controlled with just a 120v switch and a thermo probe.

    There's a relay actually, it's a simple on-off regulation... Using the mashing tank with the heat exchanger we have the water tank temperature inertia, maybe it could work unless a sharp control... What do you think?

    How are you controlling your gas valve? I'm also design a mash/ brew system and haven't found an economical way to control a LP gas regulator. The COTS proportional control valves I've found are far too costly.

    Brew it up!