Stepper Motor Generator





Introduction: Stepper Motor Generator

This instructable goes over how to create a generator to power lights, charge a battery or capacitor, etc. with kinetic energy.

Stepper Motor (with 4 cables)
8 diodes
a load to charge or power

Step 1: Create a Bridge Rectifier Using 8 Diodes in a Diamond Formation

Step 2: Bridge Rectifier Breadboard

Step 3: Another View of the Breadboard With Everything Plugged In

Here is a project that I created using this circuit:

Circuit Board (A board that lights up using the kinetic energy of the spinning wheel)


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what type of diode are u using

is this stepper motor can be use?

stepper motor.jpg

What is the com link? And real photos I can base this off of? I'm a little new to cicrurtry, and I need help sooner than later

Just did a little research. It's an inductor and the other thing is a capacitor. Specs on those?

Sky Ranger - in the circuit diagram the coils on the left are the actual stepper motor. It has two sets of windings (coils) and 4, 5 or 6 wires - com stands for common which is a centre tap on each of the windings and in this example is not being used. Although he shows capacitors in the circuit diagram I cannot see any on the breadboard, and there are none mentioned in the parts list. Make sure you connect the diodes the right way round, they are marked with a line or spot on the negative side. They only allow current to pass in one direction (not the cheesy boy band!) so if you get them wrong the circuit will not work.

is the stepper motor used for arduino capable of doing this? this is what it looks like:


Any figure about the V and I you have drawn?

Just what the Doc ordered-do you have specs on diode and capacitors? Thanks...