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Direct instruction is a structured, systematic, and scripted teaching process that follows the "I do"- "We do"- "You do" teaching method. Direct Instruction can be used in any subject, but is frequently used for reading.

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Step 1: Anticipatory Set/Opening- Grab students' attention and review key points of the previous lesson.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Do you have to send the link to your instructor or is your instructor on instructables? This is simply a curiosity. I think it's very interesting that they are using instructables to have you post your steps for direct instruction. I hope you guys are also checking out all the other stuff on here. I assume this is an education class, maybe intro to ed, classroom management, ummm what else could it be....educational psychology? Long sorry short the community is a great place to pick up resources as an educator that you might use in your classroom. I think it's nice you broke yours out into steps allowing for a photo break up. :) Good luck in your class!