So you're son or daughter has just come up to you and asked for a sleepover party. As a parent, at first you think where the heck did all that time go? Your child is growing up! This realization can be surprising at first but as a few seconds pass, you get used to the idea.

Now onto the sleepover party and that includes pajamas and your child of course wants a new pair to show off to their friends. But time is limited as usual and you can only spare enough time to go get groceries. Luckily you can get these pajamas online, websites like eBay and crazyforbargains.com are good if you are after a bargain and of course variety. 

Step 1: Step One – List of Party Guests!

This list is very important because some parents might not feel comfortable to let their children go to sleepover parties yet. Also you do not want to invite someone your child is fighting with over some toy or something.

Make sure you talk to parents beforehand and have an idea of who to invite before you ask your child who they want to invite. Remove the disappointment beforehand. Only invite enough children that you know you are comfortable with supervising.

Step 2: Step Two – Plan the Party

What's it going to be? A movie night? Pool party? A camp out in the backyard event? What games are you going to play? Whatever you decide on, it will be a great sleepover party as long as you have some activities planned out. If your son is a sports nut them having his friends over to play outside, watch a game, and play some video games might be the perfect boys sports sleepover. And if your little girl loves playing dress up then a princess party could do the trick for your daughter. Regardless of you child's current obsession there is fun to be had at a themed sleepover!

Step 3: Step Three –Invitations

This step can be very fun and a great opportunity to bond with your child. If they are keen they can design their own unique invitations, just take them to a craft store. If not, settle on a theme for the whole party and match up the invitations with that theme. It is really easy to find posts about creative invitations if you want to make them yourself! There is a whole Pinterest page (http://pinterest.com/boat19/creative-party-invitations/)

Step 4: Step Four - Food

If you have selected a party theme, you can sort a menu to reflect that easily – such as a cake with a character picture printed on it. Uniquely shaped biscuits and pizza. Not to mention there are a variety of lollies and ice-cream to choose from. Even if your party doesn't have a theme, the children will be happy with any sweets you put out on the table. Finger food and hot dogs never fail!

Step 5: Step Five - Sleeping Arrangements

If this is a blowout then your child's room will probably be too small to hold all the kids and usually everyone would want to sleep in the same room so if you have a large lounge room, that would be perfect. Usually all the kids will lay with a view of the TV and fall asleep during a movie. If your group of kids are a little more adventurous then setting up tents outside can be fun. Not only do they get the camping experience but you also don't get a group of kids storming through your house! 
Those are great ideas!
Thanks for sharing your hard work and have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine

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