Tools and supplies you need:
   Jointer / planer
   Compound sliding miter saw
   Table saw
   Sandpaper (100, 150, 220)
   1x12 pine board, 4 feet long
   8 #8 wood screws, 2” long
   4 #7 wood screws, 1” long

I made it at TechShop.

To make the board square, I used a planer/joiner. I joined a face, then joined an edge, then planed the opposite face, and then joined the final edge.

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

I then used to compound sliding miter saw to cross-cut the board into the following pieces (pictured above from left to right) and then trimmed them using the table saw:

A: Cross-cut to 12x16 (this piece will eventually be the top of the stool).  I then used the table saw to rip it down to 10x16.

B: Cross-cut to 12x10; provided, however, that both end crosscuts were at a 15% bevel in the same direction (this piece will eventually be one of the two stool legs).  I then mitered it into a trapezoid with the top 7.25” across at the short point of the bevel and the bottom 11” at the long point of the bevel.

C: same as B (the other stool leg).

D and E (pictured screwed together): 12x11.75 (first do a straight cross-cut to get rid of the bevel on parts D&E that remains from cutting out part C) (this piece will eventually become the stretcher and the subtop).  I then ripped it using the table saw into 2 pieces, one that was 3.5” wide (part D, strecther) and one that was 7.25” wide (part E, subtop).  I then went back to the compound sliding miter saw and mitered part D along both ends at a 15% angle (i.e. a trapezoid where the short edge is 10” and the long edge is ~11.75”).  I then beveled the ends of part E at 15% in opposite directions so that it measured 10” along the long face (and ~9.75” along the shorter face)

I then sanded all the pieces, first using 60 grain, then 100, 150, and 220.
That looks great! Always nice to have one of those around :)

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