Introduction: Stereo

Need a cheap stereo for your ipod? This one is a quick project.

Step 1: Parts:

Radio Shack Phono(RCA) Jack 274-346 $3.99
Radio Shack Speaker Terminal 274-631 $4.99
Radio Shack DC Power Jack - 274-1576 $2.59
Radio Shack Stand Offs $2.59
Two old 6V wall wart that fits the power jack. Make sure they are the same.. or buy new

2 x Velleman 3W Mono Amp K8066 $10.00
47K Stereo Volume Knob $3
The box the kits come in.
Optional: 2 LEDS
Optional: 2 resistors (2k Ohm)
Optional: Molex KK Connectors

Step 2: Kits

Follow the instructions to build the two kits. But instead of soldering the terminals on, just solder on wires.

Step 3: Its Dremeling Time.

You want to drill some holes in the box.
First drill your holes for the stand offs so you can mount the two boards. I just used two for each.
And drill a hole for your volume knob.

Step 4: More Holes...

Now its time for the rear hookups to be drilled.
Make your two 1/4" holes for the RCA connectors, two holes for power. 1 for the on/off
Now the radioshack stereo speaker hookup thing fits nicely, just line it up and mark with a marker.
I used molex KK connectors and 22awg solid wire to make everything modular, but you could solder everything together and save a buck



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I've been looking for builds like this. This is a basic 2 channel amplifier, not a "stereo". Just the same though, thanks for publicating this.

What's the difference? Just that there are two mono inputs instead of one stereo one?

It's a name... It's like the difference in apples and pears. And by throwing a few parts in, one might not even know a difference, anyways...

Hi. Which speakers are you using with this? Which speaker would be optimal for a 3W amp? Tnx X.)

Great instructable. I took your basic idea but drilled a bunch of holes in a cigar box. I used the same Velleman amp, and put it in the box with a speaker, an ipod and a 9 volt. It came out great. Thanks.


I use two 6v wall warts, You could just use one though, I was kinda geeking out on having two separate amps... but its kind of wasteful two use two inputs.

Very cool. I make a lot of Velleman kits and I have a lot of these boxes lying around. I might make this.

now does this become a stereo by using 2 mono amps? or is it still mono just 6 watt or what , sorries for the noob question im trying to get better at electronics


Well you use two separate amps, one for each of the stereo channels. So two mono amps equal one stereo amp. Really really hifi applications use two mono amps for the best sound, this is not hi fi though! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, -Joe

ya real high end audiophile equipment and really eccentric equipment like th 200,000 dollar stereo amps and what not for rich people that dont know better. but ya the 2 mono amps does make for great sound. ida prolly went with a rca out insteada speaker out. but to each there own aplication. A+ instructable added to my group and as favorite