Picture of Stereo
Need a cheap stereo for your ipod? This one is a quick project.

Step 1: Parts:

Radio Shack Phono(RCA) Jack 274-346 $3.99
Radio Shack Speaker Terminal 274-631 $4.99
Radio Shack DC Power Jack - 274-1576 $2.59
Radio Shack Stand Offs $2.59
Two old 6V wall wart that fits the power jack. Make sure they are the same.. or buy new

2 x Velleman 3W Mono Amp K8066 $10.00
47K Stereo Volume Knob $3
The box the kits come in.
Optional: 2 LEDS
Optional: 2 resistors (2k Ohm)
Optional: Molex KK Connectors
Hi. Which speakers are you using with this? Which speaker would be optimal for a 3W amp? Tnx X.)
jamgochian7 years ago
Great instructable. I took your basic idea but drilled a bunch of holes in a cigar box. I used the same Velleman amp, and put it in the box with a speaker, an ipod and a 9 volt. It came out great. Thanks.
Very cool. I make a lot of Velleman kits and I have a lot of these boxes lying around. I might make this.
now does this become a stereo by using 2 mono amps? or is it still mono just 6 watt or what , sorries for the noob question im trying to get better at electronics
joe (author)  MervTecksGhost8 years ago
Well you use two separate amps, one for each of the stereo channels. So two mono amps equal one stereo amp. Really really hifi applications use two mono amps for the best sound, this is not hi fi though! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, -Joe
DjProToJeeX joe7 years ago
ya real high end audiophile equipment and really eccentric equipment like th 200,000 dollar stereo amps and what not for rich people that dont know better. but ya the 2 mono amps does make for great sound. ida prolly went with a rca out insteada speaker out. but to each there own aplication. A+ instructable added to my group and as favorite
joe (author)  DjProToJeeX7 years ago
kool stuff thanks joe, now if i wanna take this and make it a little more hi fi but still try and keep it cheep.... got an seguestions? =D
joe (author)  MervTecksGhost8 years ago
Totally, I have two options for you:
The 7w amps from vellemen sound really nice.

Or this stereo kit from velleman that I have and I think it sounds great:

awesome, now that kit does it come with the power supply? and how hard would it be to feed in some extra imputs and put them on a switch?
joe (author)  MervTecksGhost8 years ago
It does not, but your localradioshack has it for $6 radioshack has it for $6! You need a 12v center tap transformer.

It would be easy to add a switch for multiple inputs, you would need a 4 pole switch or for $4 you can this switch from velleman:

Joe your freakin awesome =D ill get to work on my own little geek setup =) ty for feeding my insaine geek crack needs lol. ill post pics when im done,
Kactapuss9 years ago
where would i find that 3W amp
Check http://www.velleman.be/ for your nearest retailer.
It says to follow the istructions, but where are they?
Eh, those would be the instructions that come with the velleman 3W amplifiers.
Brett8 years ago
This is a great project and instructable. If I ever have some time this is my next project in line!
VIRON9 years ago
A boombox in the trash might have a broken antenna or tape deck, missing power cord and leaky batteries... but usually a good loud amp... and speakers too. (Unless roaches are living in it.)
Todumb4u9 years ago
Wow, awesome stuff there man! Thanks a heap!