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Introduction: Stereo 6283 Audio Amplifier Simple

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Hello everyone This is my first instructable and in this I am going to tell you how to make an simple , cheap(maximum 3$ or 180 INR) and good stereo amplifier for listening good sound. For this purpose I am using 6283 IC amplifier board which is easily available in India almost in every electronics shop . It can give output power upto maximum 10Watt . This amplifier is capable to run easily upto 4inch woofers. Normally oval 2.5? speaker woofers are run by this IC . This amplifier is used in various devices like DVD Players,FM Reciver, PC speakers etc.

Step 1: Required Material

  1. 6283 IC audio amplifier board if you won`t get then visit this site for circuit
  2. Adapter or any 12 volt power supply
  3. Enclosure
  4. 100K Potentiometer & knob
  5. AUX Cable
  6. Stereo female pin
  7. RCA female pin
  8. DC female input pin
  9. other requred material like soldering hot glue gun etc.

Step 2: Connecting Wires

Connecting wires as shown in image and connect pot and audio input jack as shown in third image. If you won`t get amplifier board you can make your own from this site

Step 3: Put Everything Inside Enclosure

Get all the stuffs inside the enclosure and solder all the wires and after that at last apply hot glue wherever required and finally put knob on pot

Step 4: Finally!!! Ready for Test!!!

At last connect adapter aux and speaker and enjoyyyy have fun And at last I have also uploaded video of this amplifire . Hope you all enjoy and learn something this is my first instructable and plz vote me for this contest and sry for bad english !!

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no, u need to use 12v one with at least one amp rating

Can i use a transformar with 18 volt
1Amp o/p ??


I have amp board with CD6282cs. Once channel is not working. Can i replace CD6282cs ic with AN7125 ic.

Pls comment, Thank you

Of the two ICS the right channel IC gets heated fast than the left one.

I tried disconnecting the output completely but still the same problem prevails. The right channel is not working at all.

There is a loud humming sound too. This was working very well till recently.

Can someone help me sort out.



1 reply

I think you should change the ic and if problem is not resolved than you can change the whole circuit and you should also add capacitor of around 100uf parallel with the powersupply

Can you tell me how i connect bass treble and volume control on ic cd6283

1 reply

You can buy bass treble circuit directly from your local electronics market or you can make your own by searching on google tone control circuit or bass treble circuit

The same circuit is in my radio .but it was working good forb2 months now I ts output is very low should I change 6283 or the voltage regulator

5 replies

I have changed the ic now everything is fine c
an you sent me the PCB layout for printing in copper plate to my email: mailid1299@

great but I don't have pcb layout

What is the purpose of that 4diodes I think it is for rectification can I apply 12 v ac here

I think you should first change the capacitor at or add extra capacitor in parallel to the power if it works then nice if it didn't work then replace IC but my personal recommendation is to change the whole circuit because its really cheap in less than 50rs you can get this circuit

Can I apply 12 volt ac directly

yes you can use it with any of your audio devices like ipod , mobile phone ,radio, laptop PC etc.

Well sir,

I have connected as instructed.

I get a humming type noise from my speakers.

I am using 12 volt 2 amp SMPS suppy.

Connected IC 6283 board to mp3 player module. Mp3 player takes 5 volt with a IC7805 in between.

1 reply

humming noise is a quite common problem while making these kinds of amplifiers their might be many possible reasons for getting noise please try these steps

1. check the power supply you can add more capacitor to the power supply in parallel or you can check you amplifier by changing your power source like any other supply or DC battery.

2. must check your input cable sometimes these problems occur due to faulty input cables .

3. you can add a potentiometer on the input side it is also very helpful so that you can input side gets proper ground.

Try these steps and reply and dont forget to subscribe me on youtube and follow me on instructables and do hit "I Made it" button.

Thank you hope this will resolve your problem.

This diag would explain better in adding a pot to an amp.

Pot Amp Cnction2.png