This contraption randomly spawned out of an Idea I had while staring at a broken guitar amp my friend gave me. I stuffed a new speaker, a power supply, and a Sony Xplod head unit into the carcass of the dead amp. This is what I came up with. BTW sorry for a few photo repeats. I took them at odd intervals(as you can see by the change of background).

This unit still functions as a guitar amplifier if you plug into the auxilary input on the rear. There is just no distortion or overdrive feature. I use a 1/4 inch to mono phono plug cable I bought at radioshack for ~$6. I have uploaded some photos of how I set it up....

Step 1: Gather Supplies(Or Maybe You Already Have It?)

 As you can tell this was kind of thrown together with random stuff I had lying around, so the cost in my case was free. However, depending on the type of head-unit and functionality you want the price for the individual can change. I just recommend going down to a pawn shop and buying the cheapest one they have. Also if a buddy has one lying around gathering dust, ask him if he'll part with it.

Anyway back to business....

What I used:
Old guitar Amp (the one I used had the circuitry blown)
Speakers:   Visonik 6.5 in V654 Rev.02 4 way (100W RMS, 200W max)
                        (Bought at Big Lots a while back for $22.00)
                      The original Speaker that came with the amp.
A set of speaker terminals I bought from radioshack.
Wire (I prefer the 2 conductor from radioshack)
Powerbrick 12V (You can probably get away with 11 -15 volts, but you need at least 3 amps)
Buick Logo cut off my cars grill (Logo of your choice, or the original off the amp)
Decent build, is it playable yet? If so, how does it sound?<br><br>I've recently been considering doing similar to this myself. The idea of running through a head unit good for pushing out 50W is just a bit more appealing than the 15W guitar amp I'm making do with, it doesn't quite even remotely cut it for playing a bass (like I said, making do, student)<br><br>I have some car audio gear lying around, and just found a 12v power brick I don't use anymore. I'll likely have to build the box though. So I might put up an instructible when I get to that stage myself<br><br>
<p>Where do you get a powerbrick?????</p>
<p>You can often find power bricks at thrift stores, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. </p>
How could you wire both front speaker outputs into one speaker?
I have been planning on making a boombox from a car radio forever.&nbsp; Maybe I will.<br />
Ahhh, too bad the amp really wasn't working so you could plug in a guitar to jam with the tunes coming from the car stereo.&nbsp; So really a car stereo in a mono guitar amp case. Nice boom box.<br />
Sorry I'm gonna change the title, I just now re-read it and realized it can be a little misleading. However I can plug the guitar into one of the inputs and play my ipod through the other (which is what I usually do). Only problem is that I'm 1 channel short of stereo for the Ipod when I do this.
in theory if the deck has an aux port you should be able to (it would sound crappy but you could)
&nbsp;It actually comes through really clear with a deep tone. Plus the EQ settings let me fine tune the sound coming out. Just no distortion.........(im workin on that. Gonna build in a preamp to distort the audio.)

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